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Your average mudblood

Mudblood is a theorem that Harry Potter developed with the intention of distinction between people who have had/are/will have mental retardation issues. "There are three categories of mudbloods, the most severe having a higher mean value in their retardation value" Said Harry Potter in a press conference regarding his latest book "What to do in Case of Mudblood".

History of Mudbloodology[edit]

Harry Potter's idea of a universally binding theorem of people had many critics, the majority of which have had/are/will have mental retardation issues, these tight-assed individuals formed a cult-like organization called "R.A.H.P.", which sought out to destroy every copy of Harry Potter's book. Unfortunately for RAHP, the information revolution started growing in popularity, and, besides not being able to cope with the immense amount of information, they could not destroy any digital copies of Harry Potter's book. In a campaign to have the government remove Harry Potter's book from the information highway RAHP stated to Unnews that "The central notion of a classification for mental retardation and tagging such individuals is unprecedented and must cease before we decease it."

The Rankings[edit]

(ranked from most severe cases to lease severe cases)

Pure Blood[edit]

People who are rated as pure blood get rated so because they have no mudblood in their genealogical pedigree. These people generally have the highest retardation value.

Half Blood[edit]

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These people have some kind of mudblood in the genealogical pedigree. Generally, the further away from the individual node that the other mudblood is situated, the higher mean of retardation value that individuals have. Conversely, the closer to the individual node that the other mudblood is situated, the lower the mean of retardation value (it's kind of a vice versa thing).

No Blood[edit]

This is a highly unlikely case alluded to by Harry Potter in his first book that addressed the theorem of mudblood, called "The Scariest Topic Ever!". To be rated a No Blood, a person's genealogical pedigree must be entirely comprised of mudbloods. Although the occurrence of a No Blood has never actually been recorded, Harry Potter is adamant that there will be one, who he frequently refers to (in interviews and such) as "The Prophet". Recent information gathered by unnews indicates that Harry Potter believes that when a No Blood is born, armageddon will initiate, check integrity, and assuming complete integrity, will go ahead as planned. According to Harry Potters theorem, only "The Prophet" will be able guide us through the Armageddon and to lead us to righteousness.

Oscar Wilde later stated:

Cquote1.png How can a No Blood ever be born, if there are no No Bloods now and a person needs their entire pedigree thingamagiggy to be comprised of mudbloods then that persons parents must be No Bloods as well Cquote2.png

Harry Potter then replied with, "ARMAGEDDON IS HERE", then started running around in random circles until he "fell" out of the seventh floor window of a two floor building (a careful observer noted that he was still attempting to run around in circles whilst he fell to his unfortunate death).

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