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Muddy, seen here with his guitar made from Malamute Skin.

Muddy Waters was a famous blues musician and supposed god father of Led Zeppelin born in 1883 and left this universe to spread the word of blues and lying no good women in 1983 to all those intelligent life forms whom cared.

Early Life[edit]

Muddy's birth name was John 117 Waters, yet due to copyright reasons and his attraction to playing in water, gills, and webbed feet he was given the name "Muddy" by his Great Great Grandpa Thomas Jefferson.

He worked as a street musician from the age of 11 months to the age of nine, or six, as Jimi Hendrix later reflected on, no one is really sure. He was arrested for vagrancy in Utah in 1901 and shot a man in Reno just to watch him die. He then spent several years in Siberia as punishment and wrote several blues songs about getting his mojo-working and going to Louisiana, which he recorded using a wolf skin as the tape and a red-eared bat as his recording device.

Break through[edit]

In 1933, after arriving in America for the first time in 32 years, Muddy opened his own popular Casino in Kentuckistan and began selling liquor and pork barbecue. It was while he was the manager of this popular Capatalist resort that he was discovered by Mutt Lange and given a recording deal for several of his finest hogs.

His first album, recorded in 1935-yet released in 1948, contained the original recording of "Got my Mojo Working" and "Louisiana Blues" as well as "Sally Hemmings was my Great Great Grandma Blues". Also were several other tracks recorded at his Casino, including "BBQ Blues", "All Along the Watchtower Blues", "Stairway to Heaven Blues", "You Shook Me Blues", "Since I been loving you Blues" and the insanely populer "piano riff blues"

Upon release, it was not an instant hit, yet gradually picked up steam as the fifties continued.

Latter Days[edit]

In 1980 after directing the James Bond film "Moonraker", Muddy was contacted by exo-universal beings and agreed to travel the Universe (and several others) to spread the word and techings of the blues, no-good cheating women, and gettin his Mojo working in an effort to save the universe from dying of getting too hot, or red, and not blue, unlike Poke'Mon. He is expected to return sometime, probably to do some covers of The Eagles.


  • Muddy Waters-1948
  • Muddy Waters II-Electric Boogaloo-1952
  • Electric Mud-1964
  • Electric Water-1965
  • Electric Muddy Waters-1966
  • Electric Mud in Muddy Waters-1967
  • Electric Muddy Lady Land-1971
  • Moonraker-Official Soundtrack-1980

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