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Sometimes mullahs and imams get exposed of the grand muftis practical jokes, for example, here he has put LSD in our milk.

“It's cool to be a mullah!”

~ Barak Obama on about to be a mullah.

“He's alive!”

~ CIA on about Osama bin Laden.

“This is blasphemy! Blasphemy? THIS IS ISLAM!”

~ Mullah to an apostate.

The mullahs is manufactured in special mullah-factorys. Mullah is a kind of hot dog, and a lot of mullahs can be a whole hot-dog stand. Mullahs is often find in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and among the talibans. The highest mullah of the talibans is named mullah Omar. The mullahs can be calld in the telephone-socket (without a thelephone connected). Just call high in the socket: ALLAH ACKBAHR! And the mullahs will come for you.

Flying mullahs[edit]

Angry mullah eating up his microphones.


In the past years, there have been observed flying mullahs (supermullahs). Mostly Omar. The flying mullahs is not to bo confused by mullahs on flying carpets. Flying mullahs is probably the last hope to save the world, when we get invaded by aliens. But the mullahs can be shoot down with Tomahawk-robots.

Practical jokes[edit]

Mullahs is often known by their practikal jokes. For example putting a snake in a anothers mullahs turban. They are also as hiding weapons of massdestruction in their beard.

A story that happend in south Pakistan. Mullah Dadullah had a inflatable mosque. But Osama bin Laden happend to fill it with helium instead. The mosque flew away, and the minaret was misstaken for a pakistanian nuclear missile, towards to India. And India responded with a massive attack against Pakistan.

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