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The Muon is a fundamentalist particle created by an experiment between the US Food and Drug Administration and the Manhattan Project. This bovine particle has turned to be a great aid to Man-Kind, being coined by many as the new 'milk of life', after Jesus's herd of Longhorn cattle all died of famine. Also a generic term of communication for gangstas (Get 'yo Mu' on - see below).


The Muon, as before mentioned was used by the USFDA and the Manhattan Project, in an attempt to make people resistant to radiation. The particle would be injected, and allow the body's cells to have a UV ray protection layer. This however, hit fundamental consequences when people realised that this was being done without their permission, caused their skin to leather like a cow's, and gave everyone a tendency to become allergic to beef. The death knell for this, however, was when the beef and skincare lotion industries teamed up to rid the world of the muon forever. The muon was shelved and forgotten about.


The muon was re-discovered about a decade later when the Department was looking for a new source of milk, as all the cows were dying out due to a security flaw in their Windows Operating Systems. It was realised that the animalistic tendencies of this particle could have miraculous implications.


The Muon, being a form of cosmic radiation, has a charge and a spin. The charge is the amount of pressure felt on it, and thus the amount of explosive energy carried, especially if it is feeling suicidal. The spin is the amount of energy it can deflect, and thus a muon with a low spin and high charge can have disastrous implications. As with all fundamentalist particles, it cannot change its energy levels unless interacting with another muon, in which case it generally produces excess radiation, in the form of beta-tests.

Practical Usage[edit]

Because the muon changes its energy levels, it was first thought that the particle was useless. It was soon discovered however, to loose this ability when the temperature was low enough. Soon, concentrated muon was being shipped to laboratories world-wide, in the hunt for the preservative that would allow it to be drinkable. Soon, a (then unknown) company called Congress had found the solution. The new product was hailed as the new milk. (Never heard of it? Just look on the side of your milk container...)

Alternative Definitions[edit]

Get yo' mu' on is a catch-all phrase used by gangsta physicists across the world. Meanings:

  • Hurry up!
  • Clean it up!
  • Do it again!
  • Make it Better!
  • Get out of here!
  • Shut up!
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