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~ Tamia

Muyangguniang is a huge fictional city.

Muyangguniang Statistics[edit]

Anthem Mu Yang Gu Niang

Motto: Eenheid in Verscheidenheid

Capital: Muyangguniang(constitutional capital) Muyanntemar-St.Christina(seat of government)

Largest Cities: Muyangguniang - 1.130.000 (Metro Muyangguniang - 1.990.000) Muyanntemar-St.Christina - 265.000

Official language(s): off. French,Chinese(Canton),Bahasa Indonesia. Other: Dutch,Bahasa Melayu.

French:40% Cantonese:35% Bahasa Indonesia:15% Dutch:+/- 5% Bahasa Melayu:+/- 5%

Government: Parliamentary Republic Untill 1989 it was a Kingdom(Dem. const. monarchy), But the King and Queen had no kids,so the last Royalty died in 1989. The government is trying to make a new law,then it is possible that a near cousin can be the new king or Queen.

King:- Queen:- President:Yves de Clignancourt

Religion: Protestant(predominantly Muyang Reformed):45% Roman Catholic: 27% Buddhism:13% Other or no religion: 15%