My Daddy

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A picture of my daddy that I took right before he saw me and hit me and put me in my room with the door locked again

My daddy is namd Peter and I love him. He is 100 years old and his momy is my grandma.

I love him[edit]

I love my daddy. Sometimes he taks me to the peer and we get milkshaks and then we sit on the peer and wach the bech and we play a game were wenever we se a dog he gets a pont and wenever we se a kid i get a pont but its ben a relly long time since we playd that gam becas my daddy alwas sas he dosnt hav time.

My daddy buys me cars[edit]

Daddy gave me some chalk once but took it away after he and mommy were fighting.

My daddy alwas bys me toy cars and hot weels and he used to play with them with me until he startd yeling and yeling with my momy. he somtimes givs me craons and has me draw him things. somtimes he tels me wat to draw but somtimes wen he givs me the craons and wen i ask him wat to draw he yels at me and sas he dosnt have any time and when he dos that i just draw him and momy and me but wen i giv it to him he dosnt put it on the frig he crumpls it up and stiks it under his bed.

He tucks me in[edit]

My daddy tucks me in wen i go to bed but for a wile he just turns of my lite and gos to his room and yels with momy. I ask momy and daddy wat they yel about at nite but they just tel me to go play with my cars wile momy reds invilops and yels at daddy.

My daddy[edit]

I relly love my daddy and my momy especaly wen my daddy says Stay tuf, champ! i alwas say Ok dad! but daddy hasnt sad stay tuf champ in a relly long time but i love him anyways.