My Little Pwny

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Pwnies often had fatal neck fractures because of their lightning fast reactions.


The My Little Pwny(commonly mis-spelt as Pony) were a race of aliens who inhabited the planet Earth long ago after being driven from their home galaxy by the Transformers in the air. They possessed super-pwnian powers enabling them to trot, canter and gallop. It is believed the Pwny were also able to frolic at will, and with abandon.

A freak accident involving Steve Ballmer and a time machine designed by Emmy Award winning scientist Michael J Fox caused them to become extinct and Fucking Buried.

The Pwny Race Wars[edit]

In the beginning there were Unicorn Pwnies, Pegasus Pwnies and Earth Pwnies(which were fatter than most and couldn't fly, these were kept in pens and harvested like fowl). The six leaders of the Earth Pwny council were Minty, Snuzzle, Butterscotch, Bluebelle, Cotton Candy, and Blossom and they led a great uprising and were slaughtered after being sold out by the evil giant, 'Hasbro'.

After this time the Pwnies realised the Pwnage that had befallen them(many words within english today come from the Pwny dialect) and united under Queen Majesty, Elizabeth II. Many Pwnies had been injured in the war and reparations were made by the Pegasus Pwnies in the form of Sea Pwnies for the blind.

In thanks for the reparations made, the Unicorn faction rounded up the war criminals Shady, Split Licker, Wind Whistler and Melody and handed them over for international trial in Baghdad(known in the Pwny dialect as Dream Castle) where they were sentenced to death by the never ending infatuation of a 7 year old girl. This small, tiny, little girl later grew up to be Saddam Hussein and he never forgave the Pwny council for what they made him do in his small, tiny, little innocence and later renamed Rainbow Castle to Basra in an attempt to forget his tortured past. This was Bhryn's fault.