My Name Is Earl

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The Earl, as portrayed on television.
An earlier Earl, from Wilde's lost masterpiece.

My Name is Earl is a televisual entertainment in the comedic style, produced by the Twentieth Century Fox. It is loosely derived from an unfinished manuscript by Oscar Wilde, with the original title of 'My Name is Earnest'. Wilde later ammended this to 'My Name is the Earl of Gloucester'.

Korma - what you do to it, it will do to you.

Wilde's play was based on the true story of one of his criminal aquaintances from Reading Jail, who firmly believed that he was being pursued relentlessly by a vengeful Korma. The Korma forced the unfortunate Earl to relive and redress his former crimes, grinding down his resistance until the Earl fell into a Korma from which he could not be revived. Also he had a fat dopey brother named Lord Randy who was mostly just along for the ride.

The televisual adaptation, My Name Is Earl, differs substantially from Wilde's original script. Instead of the Earl of Gloucester, our protagonist is the Earl of an American trailer park, and instead of the avenging curry, he is driven by an abstract pseudo-religious concept that he does not properly understand. Also the show is run by Scientologists, who might or might not be infusing it with their crazy mind-control messages. It wouldn't be the first time. Tom Cruise stars as Earl, Earl's wife, Earl's brother and Katie Holmes. At the end of the show, it turns out Earl is the Korma's son, but don't tell anybody, cause the ending was never aired due to the TV network being dorks.

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