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“Who ase all these people and why do they want to be my friend?”

~ Oscar wilde on figuring out myspace


~ Asian Guy on his profile pictures
Myspace Bulletins have been used throughout history to warn of impending doom.

“RePoST Or GOD DoESN'T LoVE YoU!!11”

~ Stupid people on myspace

“On August 6th 1991, a girl was murdered and the words "OMFG FUCKEN POST DIS ON YA MYSPACE PAGEEEE" were written on her back in blood. Two days later, her entire family suffered the same fate. Send this to all your friends or I'll go round your house and fucking cut you and write OMFG FUCKEN POST DIS ON YA MYSPACE PAGEEEE on your back.”

~ Suicidally depressed "cyber-emo" nerd on Chain Mail

MySpace bulletins are like myspace comments, except they are more retarded. And they can be viewed by everyone on your friends list.

You will stop posting stupid bulletins.

Reason for Existence[edit]

When you get home from school, obviously, you must log into myspace to check and see if you got any comments. As usual you don't have any because you're not cool and because you're fat. Your next thoughts are that you can either logout, go running, mabye catch a movie, lose some of that weight OR you can stay ...FAGS... you drank last, and what you ate last, and especially, what you smoked last etc etc... There are also other options. Another popular option is the SeCRet CrUsh GaMe, (12 years and younger generally)

Commonly titled bulletins[edit]

  1. I am so ugly and fat, please view my pics and tell me I'm not as ugly as I think I am (NOTE: The person usually is as ugly as they think they are)
  2. DO NOT ADD THIS PERSON, HE IS A HACKER AND WILL HACK YOUR PAGE!! (In this case, the person is usually not a hacker but instead is one of the few MySpace users who still have a social life, but has posted an insulting comment on the sender's MySpace page)
  3. i know how 2 hak ur page so u hav 10000 friends if u send me ur user and pass i will hak it for u (This person usually WILL hack your page, however they will fill it with Goatse's and pictures of their own testicles. You walked right into this one by giving him your password, you total dipshit.)
  4. OMG OMG OMG THIS GUY DOES TOTALLY AMAZING PAINTINGS!!! (Redirects to some guy's pathetic artwork, note that the sender is usually receiving $9.99 an hour to advertise like this)
  5. oMg Do YoU cUt yOuRsElf? ii CuT MiiSeLf! (posted by an emo with no friends who likes to bleed on himself and take pictures of it)
  6. JONAS BROTHERS ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOO HAAAAAAAAAAAAAWT <33333333333333333 (some kind of fangirl?)
  7. post this on 10 pages or you will suffer the cruel fate of (Insert cruel method of torture here)

If bulletins aren't enough to pass the time while you wait for myspace comments[edit]

Try taking pictures of yourself to make yourself look more emo.

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