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“In Soviet Russia, Myst III exiles YOU!!”

~ Russian reversal on Myst III


~ Saavedro on Myst III

Myst III: Exile is also known by its alternate title, Solve Atrus's Problems III. It was not created by Cyan but instead by Pretzel Studios and Ubisoft.

Story of Myst III[edit]

At the beginning of the game, you learn that Atrus has gotten sick of living in the Dunny and moved into the desert. He also took all the Dunny people with him and put them in a new Age called Releesahn, which means "The Third Month of the Dunny Calendar". He has locked the Releesahn Book in a glass box so if anyone tries to steal it, it will be as easy as possible. Unfortunately, just as Atrus walks into the room , a man appears, steals the Book, and links out. Atrus then forces you to use the Linking Book the man left to try to get Releesahn back.

You link to an Age called B'nanin, so called because of the four large bananas sticking up out of the ground. After some exploration you learn that the man is Miguel de Cervantes, and he has been trapped there for twenty years by Atrus's sons, Sirrus and Achenar. No clear reason for this is given. The clues suggest Sirrus, Achenar and Cervantes argued. Possibly Achenar got jealous because Cervantes was having gay sex with Sirrus.

Ages of Myst III[edit]

In B'nanin are three books, each one linking to a Lesson Age which Atrus wrote to teach his sons how to solve Myst-style puzzles, in preparation for when Myst was produced. At the end of each one of the Ages, a secret four-word message is revealed.

Age of Immaterial[edit]

Secret message: Roller coasters are fun.

Immaterial consists of four puzzles, none of which are related to the backstory. When the puzzles are completed the player is taken for a roller coaster ride inside a giant bubble.

Age of Edanna[edit]

Secret message: Global warming mutates nature.

Edanna is a giant inside-out tree in the middle of an infinite ocean. Global warming has caused all of the life there to mutate. The goal is to climb to the top of the tree and fight an aerial battle with a giant bird. Dangers along the way include giant Venus fly traps, giant water lilies, and electrically-powered fish. When you kill the bird the Linking Book back to B'nanin has a 83% chance of dropping. If it doesn't you just wait for the bird to respawn.

Age of Old-Fashioned Batteries[edit]

Secret message: Energy powers floating rocks.

Old-Fashioned Batteries is an Age full of various power sources, none of which work. Atrus could never seem to make working power sources, as seen again in the opening scene of Myst IV: Revelation. After the player fixes all of the power generators using the formula

a giant rock floats up in the air. You have five seconds to run in and link back to B'nanin before the rock falls on your head.


Secret message: Balance beams stimulate civilizations.

Finally, after getting all the secret messages, you go to the central banana, but before you can confront Cervantes, he links to another Age called Mahabharata, written by R. K. Narayan. You follow him there. Mahabharata, Cervantes's home world, was destroyed by Sirrus and Achenar, but you can fix it if you enter all four secret messages into the secret message machine. If you don't, Cervantes will kill you with his hammer. If you do, Cervantes goes home to his family and leaves you stuck on a balance beam.

The only way to win is to fix Mahabharata after you take the Releesahn book. To take the book you must brain-wash Cervantes into thinking you will help him. The problem is, he only speaks Spanish. For non-Spanish players, you just switch the language in the Main Menu to Spanish, so you can speak it in-game.

After getting the book you can link back to the desert where Atrus thanks you. Later you see him writing in his journal about another difficult task he will give you.


Secret message: 3><||_3 is the R0X0RZ!!!!!!!!!!11

This secret Age is not necessary to win. It is a giant Easter egg inhabited by lots of cats and kittens which run around and meow at you. It is rumored The Non Huffable Kitten may have authored this age. To get to this Age you must:

  • Click on the red ball in Immaterial before the sensers detect the tartar sauce.
  • Press the tilde key (~) when the Edannan Giant Bird has precisely 42 hit points left.
  • Electrocute a sand crab with the Old-Fashioned Battery chargers.
  • Go back to B'nanin and ask Cervantes for the saucer of milk. He will give you a Linking Book to Catland.


The music of Myst III was written by Jack Wall. Among some of his amazing orchestral pieces included in the game are TOHB_Endgame_Music, NA_SCENE12, and "The Good Music". The main theme of the game is very emotional and goes like this:

Da-da-dum. Da-da-dum. Da-da-da da-da da-da-da-da-dum! 5!


Atrus: Rand Miller

Catherine: Robyn Miller

Yeesha: Audrey Uhler

Cervantes: Brad Dourif

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