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“Let me set the scene for you. I have rejected your reality and substituted my own. Suddenly, Kari comes with her fire extinguisher of death. She runs off after seeing you, and because it contains your winning lottery ticket, you have to set the extinguisher on fire and then douse it with (censored by an old-timey car horn)”

~ Adam on The Typical Myth

“Can't we just blow the extinguisher up with (same 'censored' sound of 1900s era car horn) at the Alameda Bomb Range? After all, Jamie wants big boom.”

~ Jamie on The Typical Myth

“Three, two, one, FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!”

~ Adam's response to Jamie on The Typical Myth

“Am i missing an eyebrow?!”

~ Adam on His eyebrow

“I am the walrus.”

~ Jamie on His moustache


~ Grant on The Typical Myth


~ Tory on The Typical Myth

MythBusters is a popular science program that airs on the Discovery Channel. The show follows five people who get paid to blow things up, swear, skydive, blow things up, swear, cause explosions, fire guns, wreck cars, swear, set things on fire, blow things up, drop things from massive heights, detonate bombs and other explosive devices, swear, travel the world, launch frozen chickens, and blow things up, all "in the name of science." Swear.

Who Are The MythBusters?[edit]

Who you gonna call? MYTHBUSTERS!

Adam Savage - A middle-aged infant who spends most of his time dressing up as a pirate, ninja, caveman, cowboy, astronaut, superhero, Indian, clown, mime, or ballet dancer. He also fulfills the show's quota for silly voices.

Jamie Heineken 2.0 - An advanced multi-functional robot built to look like a French walrus. As well as being a visual effects expert, he is also a scuba diver, a linguist, and a bear-wrestler.

Between them more than 30 minutes of special effects experience. Joining them...

Tory Belleci - The expendable one. Does most of the dangerous stunts when testing myths, because no one will care if he dies.

Grant Imahara - A technosexual who loves building robots and doing absolutely nothing of interest with them when he is alone. His creations include a punching robot, a sword-swinging robot, a chainsaw-juggling robot, a child-molesting robot, a T-1000 and Jamie.

Kari Byron - The Test Tube daughter or Lucille Ball and Albert Einstein, is a hot geek girl, who won a Nobel Prize for a unknown invention. She is a redhead tv personality who was a Popular Science covergirl and a potential Playboy gril. She don't eat meat but she sho' like the bone.

They don't just tell the myths, they get taught how to do super cool things for cash, while claiming to put them to the test!

Early History[edit]

MythBusters: The early years.

Many years ago, the Discovery Channel was in trouble, its ratings were the lowest around. Apparently back then people weren't interested in learning about exciting, adrenaline-fueling subjects such as moss, igneous rocks and the mating rituals of various elephants. They wanted to see dull, yawn-inducing explosions and learn a bunch of useless trivia, such as how to escape a sinking car or how to save someone who's about to be run over by train.

So Discovery decided to give viewers what they want and they devised a show in which special effects wizards would do just that. It was given the working title "The Best Job in the World". The show's half hour pilot episode was entirely made up of various clips of car crashes, explosions, helicopters spinning out of control, police shootouts, shark attacks, natural disasters, trains colliding head on, two Asian girls making out, moonwalking birds, trees falling on people, cats in microwaves, fat people falling down the stairs, midgets being railed down with a Minigun, and spontaneous head explosions, with "Yakety Sax" and the "1812 Overture" as background music. The show received viewing figures of 42, a record high for the Discovery Channel.

However, parents complained that the show had no educational value at all. All it did was make children want to attempt some of the dangerous stunts at home. One mother was shocked to find her eight year old son stuffing his baby sister into a microwave, while her older daughter actually kissed another girl! Discovery needed to think of a way to pass the show off as an educational program, while including lots of warnings against trying any of the experiments at home. Thus, MythBusters was born.

Show Format[edit]

Each episode begins with the MythBusters receiving a phone call from a scared person whose house is being haunted by a myth. The narrator then shows the audience a piece of stock footage related to the myth. Afterwards, the team get in their "MythMobile" and drive off, then theres an advert break. After the adverts, more stock footage is shown and there's an unnecessary recap of the very little amount of stuff that happened in the previous part. The MythBusters then arrive at their client's house and begin to use a variety of scientific techniques to disprove or "bust" the myth. If the myth is successfully busted, they lock it up and the client is now myth free. Throughout the episode there are more advert breaks, unnecessary recaps and "don't try this at home" warnings, which in total take up at least a third of the length of the episode. If the team fails, and the myth is confirmed then it will continue to haunt the clients house with no way of stopping it. At this point the MythBusters have no other option but to destroy the clients house in a spectacular explosion.

Often viewers complain on the fansite that a busted myth was treated unfairly. This occasionally results in a lawsuit, demanding the myth be released. The released myths continue to haunt people until they are revisited in special episodes and the MythBusters attempt to shut the fans up and bust them once and for all.

Myths Tested[edit]

Myth Statement Method Status
You can be killed by a flying champagne cork. Grant built a champagne cork launching robot and fired several shots at Tori's head. Busted. Tori didn't die, although he was rendered completely blind in his left eye.
You can make an anti-gravity device using a cat and buttered toast. They taped slices of toast, butter side up, to a number of cats and used a cat-throwing robot to launch them into the air. Confirmed. The forces exerted by the butter and the cats feet were in perfect equilibrium causing the cat and toast to defy gravity.
It's possible to make a fire extinguisher look sexy. They gave Kari a fire extinguisher. Confirmed.
Christianity They interviewed the pope. He turned out to be robot controlled by a fat, bored 10 year old who had nothing better to do. Busted. The most popular myth has FINALLY been busted.
Chuck Norris's tears can cure cancer. Jamie's MythTerns tried a variety of methods get Chuck Norris to cry, all were successful. Inconclusive. All efforts produced tears so the MythTerns got bored of roundhouse kicking the blubbering breaded one.
A Bullet can kill you Several rounds were fired at tourists on the streets of San Fransisco Confirmed. 100 percent of people hit by bullets died. They also concluded that a .50 cal does a far better job than the 9 mm. The mayor also awarded them for their great service to the people of San Fransico in halving the amount of tourists.
The World Trade Center was actually brought down using Diet Coke and Mentos. A 100th scale model of the World Trade Center was built and filled with powdered Mentos and Diet Coke. Plausible. The scale models were successfully destroyed, however the MythBusters were arrested by the FBI when they attempted to go full scale.
Music affects plant growth. The team built ten greenhouses and stored thirty plants in each. Greenhouse one was the silent control, while the plants in greenhouses two through ten were exposed to Mozart, Metallica, DragonForce, Nirvana, Dashboard Confessional, Muse, Avril Lavigne, Bring Me the Horizon and The Wurzels respectively. Confirmed. The plants exposed to Metallica, Mozart and The Wurzels all did better than the silent control, those exposed to Avril Lavigne and Bring Me the Horizon grew so much, they actually grew out of their greenhouses. Those exposed to Muse grew around the CD player, The plants in the DragonForce greenhouse grew Guitar Hero controllers. Those exposed to Dashboard Confessional had mysterious cuts all down their stems, while the plants in the Nirvana greenhouse died as a result of mysterious shotgun wounds.
Crossing the streams is bad. Using plans submitted on the fansite, Adam and Jamie built their own proton packs and crossed the streams. Confirmed. A total protonic reversal occurred, causing all the molecules in their bodies to explode at the speed of light. Luckily, Grant was able to build another Jamie.
Grant Imahara can make a robot for anything. Adam and Jamie made a list of 100 tasks for a robot to do. -}