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N.E.L.L.Y, but this si a much better concept for her/him/its aparience

N.E.L.L.Y. is the name of a failed experiment of the nasa whose initials means Necro Ectoplasmic Loving Lard Yolk

Nelly being Nelly into the Matrix!!!
Nelly being Nelly(again)!!!
Nelly being Nelly (again,again)!!!


In 1964 Neil Amstrongh found a kinda black lard inside a crater of the SETMoon his discover will destroy the world, the hell, the heaven and a guy named <insert name here> I don't know why.

People who will be DevoredKILLEDFounded and take care by THE FOCKING BASTARD KNOWED AS <insert name here> N.E.L.L.Y[edit]