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N00bs talking in MSNopia.

N00b talk is the language spoken in MSNopia, a land where n00bs live peacefully. MSNopia is unfortunately disturbed every once and a while by some MCSPAZTRON who doesn't like it when people speak using n00b talk. The "Spaz Control" then deals with them, unless they are MCSPAZTRONS aswell. In this case, all the n00bs who oppose the Spaz Control and kicked out of MSNopia.

HOW TO SPEAK n00b TALK[edit]

Here is the translation for English to n00b talk.

  • Laugh out Loud - LOL
  • Roll on Floor Laughing - ROFL
  • Roll on the Floor Laughing So Hard that I am Starting to Die a slow and painful death (yes the person who typed this is a n00b because he became too lazy to capitalize (And, the person that wrote "Capitalize" is also a n00b because he can't spell capitalise because he can't remember an "S", only a "Z") all of the words)(The person who said the n00b who can't spell capitalise is a noob, because both capitalise, and capitalize are words.) (@ND tH3 p3Rs0N WH0 C0RR3CT3DD [email protected] 1Z @ n00B [email protected] 7H3Y @DD3D @N0TH3R [email protected]) - ROTFLSHTIASTDASAPD
  • Laugh my Ass off - LMAO
Uncyclopedia n00bs
Other n00bs
  • Oh My God - OMG
  • What the FUck? - WTF?
  • Start Talking Faster, You - STFU (though most noobs think it means "shut the f*ck up")
  • BBQ - BQQ
  • kill - pwn/own
  • Ass - @55
  • The - t3h
  • By the way - BTW
  • F*ck you - f u
  • I hate you - OMG u terd go dye in a wh0le
  • You - u
  • Are - r
  • Eye - i
  • Ate - 8
  • Skater - Sk8er
  • Smiley/Emoticon - funny moving pic
  • Elite - 1337/l33t
  • Rolling on the Floor Laughing my Friggin' Arse off at You, Your Mom, Your Dad and Your Dog Beyong all Recognition Forever and Ever - ROTFLMFAOAYYMYDAYDBARFAE
  • L8ter- Later
  • N00b- Noob
  • Got to go- G2G
  • I have no life - U H4X0r

There are many other words that can be spoken in MSNopia, and most of them are pronounced like English words, but spelled wrong. I Can not think of how to elaborate on this anymore...

n00bish English Spanish
ZOMG wtf!!1one1 What?! ¡¿Qué?!
LOL Ha-ha! ¡Taco-taco!
wtf that is so gay!!!11 I died/I'm dead Estoy muerto.
hAEL M3 PLZ!!1111!! Heal me, please. Healeame por favor
i am so 1337, u haxor!!! I believe I've misplaced my car keys, you bastard ¡Soy 1337, usted el pirata informático!
i h8 Y0U!!!11!1 I wish to kill your babies and eat your intestines. I will rape your mother and make love to your father. You shall eat my defication! ¿O RLMNTE?
Teh The Hay una máquina de discos en mi silenciador.
omg ur a n00b!!1 I suck/I am a loser SU182
u wil n3vr b as l33t as me I'm so much of an idiot I think that I'm better than you, and will always be better. Yo ganaría pero soy el puto embarazado.
i frzd u I am Horohoro and have frozen your nuts. Soy el Horohoro y tengo congelado su nueces.

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