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NGL (The National Genocide League of the Glorious Country of Serbia) is the highest division in Serbian competitive genocide. It is highly regarded in the world of genocide, often spoken of as the best genocide league in the world.

Matches from the league are broadcasted monday night's on the popular show Monday Night Genocide.

Super Slaughter[edit]

Being the NGL's answer to the NFL's "Super Bowl", the annual Super Slaughter is the main event of the season, where the two top teams clash in a match viewed by over five billion spectators around the world in order to decide who is going to be crowned Genocide Champion of The Glorious National Genocide Leauge of the Glorious Country of Serbia.

A couple of years ago, spectators were shocked when the half-time entertainment act DJ Slobodan made a so-called "nip-slip". Many Serb viewers had to be taken to hospital, since they got extremely horny when they saw this.


Sixteen teams from all over Serbia, Republika Srpska and Montenegro compete in the league.

The top teams in recent years have been:

  • Belgrade Pigs
  • Novi Sad Cockroaches
  • Baja Luka Mass Grave-diggers
  • Podgorica Dictators

Of these, Belgrade Pigs is the most successful, having won 37 titles in the league's 108-year history.

Famous players[edit]

Several great genocide players have appeared in the league since it's renaissance in the 1900's, most notably Slobodan Milošević (also the host of the popular TV-show Monday Night Genocide, Josip Broz Tito (the only non-Serb on the NGL high score top ten), and the good old radar pair Radovan Karadžić and Ratko Mladić.

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