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A Napkin, ready to strike

Napkins have recently spawned on the planet Freddy Mercury, where they are most welcome, since they have a tendency to cover up and melt the cheap and objectional ice coating on most of the planet. The Napkins get along well with the Queens (the original inhabitants of Freddy Mercury) merely because of their shared hatred of this vanilla-flavoured ice. This is lucky for the Queens, as Napkins have a particularly vicious way of disposing of their enemies.

The "Napkin Effect"[edit]

Napkins have a habit of decorating fancy dinner tables, and have no objections to being folded in thousands of different ways, generally, the more expensive restaurant it is, the more exquisitely folded the napkins decide to be. Other than paper and a few other obvious derivatives, napkins retain the unique talent to "origamize" themselves, in a form of alien-like shape shifting. Napkins that frequent McDonalds decide to remain limp in the duration of their stay, effectively like sleeping.

The Napkin Party[edit]

The Napkin Party is a political party that opposes The Dustbin Party. Some people say the only thing they eat in parties is napcakes.


The only thing napkins is good for is eating hot wings. Otherwise use your pants. and poopy face butthole licking