Natalie Tran

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Natalie Tran
Species Strange descendant of Vietnamese and Australian humanoids
Birth Place Somewhere in Asia, probably.
Hair Colour Black, like your mum's bush
Parents The unseen father, and the coolest mum ever
Hometown Sydney
Influences Your mum and your face - in the pants.

The Natalie Tran hides her excitement as your mother makes her pose in sexy pictures on the balcony. This is one of the few photographs in which the Natalie is wearing her clothes.

Natalie Tyler Tran, also known as "communitychannel" and "your mum's bike", is a rare species of human derived from Vietnamese and Australian ancestory. She is, has always been and continues to be the only one of her kind. The Natalie Tran makes a living out of posting YouTube videos that touch on important issues such as Ultrasounds, Hackers, awkward physical contact and many others. The typical lifeless human being who has nothing better to do can simply Google her name or search for her on YouTube, and be greeted with hundreds of videos involving the Natalie Tran.

Rise to Fame[edit]

Natalie Tran has been posting videos on YouTube since 2006, but it was not until males began to get all horny and started watching videos online just to see tits, began watching Natalie's videos - because Natalie grew tits. The mothers of many teens around the world also became attracted to Natalie, and began to rate her not just sexually, but through YouTube posts as well. To this day, Natalie Tran continues to be one of the most lifeless people on YouTube, reaching the top 20 most subscribed YouTubers of all time.

For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article very remotely related to Natalie Tran.

Relationship with "Fans"[edit]

The Natalie Tran lures in and traps her obsessors inside small snapshots, which are then trapped as tiny thumbnails on uncyclopedia.

Like many internet-famous people, Natalie Tran has fans - probably the coolest fans ever. Unlike crazy, insane fans like the ones in Hollywood who gush like little girls and wet their pants every time they see a Celebrity, Tran Fans are calm and kind people who approach her on the street without fear of being berated. The Natalie Tran will be greeted by her fans and then seduce them into taking a photo with her, which will then be displayed all over the internet. Natalie Tran's life in that way relates to Soviet Russia, where Celebrities take photos of YOU.

Relationship with "Your Mum"[edit]

The Natalie Tran is well known for her promiscuity and recent census results have shown that 89% of Australian mothers have become victims or witnesses of her conduct. The census was only for a single nation, so results could not be shown for mothers in other countries, but the Natalie also flies to California a few times a year. It has been said by residents of Los Angeles that sexual activity has occurred in the duration of Natalie's visits. Recent studies have also shown that Natalie has no interest in your father, whatsoever. As a cover, she uses a member of an odd species known as "Australian Men", to give of the illusion that she is happily monogamous.

Relationship with "Paid Actor"[edit]

In several Natalie vlogs, a paid actor of the "Australian Men" species appears. Although Tran has testified on several occassions that this actor is her boyfriend, evidence provided in cases where mothers have been suing for damages has proven that her "boyfriend", only known as "Mitch", is simply a cover.

Relationship with "Her Mum"[edit]

The mother of Natalie Tran appears in several vlogs on the Community Channel, her YouTube page. Although Natalie expresses positive feelings for her own mother, it is shown that her mother does not share the same view on her. During clips where Natalie is shown to be speaking vietnamese to her mother, the fact that they are not actually related is displayed in yellow subtitles. As a result of this evidence, it can also be said that Natalien Tran's "Mum", as well as Mitch, is in fact a paid actor.

Relationship with "Her Dad"[edit]

There is no evidence of Natalie Tran even having a father.