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the Naugah is a small flightless bird related to Paris Hilton, they are commonly kept as pets by the natives of Iwo Jima and are small enough to be kept in the pocket of a button down shirt or pair of trousers.

Nauga's are highly valued for their supple, though thin, skin, known for its superior feel and grain, the leather is commonly used on seats and chairs, however due to the near paperthinness of it, the skin must be first mounted on a rubberlike or cloth backing.


The Naugah is common to marshes, peat bogs, and ladies departments at shopping malls, they stand roughly 5 inches high, have brilliant green plumage and Razor sharp talons that can slice through a man as easily as a chainsaw could. Nauga's are territorial birds who dig burrows and line them with Mens Toupee's these dens are gaurded fiercly against all invaders ocassionally even their own mates whom they have been known to literally vivisect in their rage at the intrusion, this unfortunantly has led to the demise of the Nauga in the wild. Domesticated Nauga's tend to be less violent in gaurding the areas of the house they nest in these generally being places where they hide your keys and costume jewelery at every chance.