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Template:Nowikipedia Naughty Alliance was founded by Field Marshal Hillary Clinton in 1998 as part of her special operations in charge of the 51st Feminists inside Afghanistan, a rival to the Mujahadiin it is a loose alliance of undercover groups (dressed in Burkha's but with nothing but Black Lingerie, Kalashnikov's and Martial Arts Weapons underneath) and of Denim wearing fearless mountain warriors, this group was branded as being terrorist by the CIA in 2001.


Undercover Factions[edit]

  • The Black Lingerie - a fearless group setup in Kabul in 1994, the most brutal of the Undercover Factions specialise in working inside cities, opposing the long years of Northern Alliance and Taliban rule their specialty was to dress in Burkha's and so group together totally unsuspected and drop the Burkha's to reveal Black Lingerie and various weaponry including martial arts, guns and grenades. Expert in all forms of combat notably involving strangulation using Burkha's these are the scourge of the Taliban and have released video's showing captured Taleb's being humiliated as they sit or stand on top of them in Black Lingerie and Lip Gloss reading passages out from Lady Chatterly's Lover and reciting things that they learned from teachers.
  • Assukar Avon specialised in smuggling poisons using Food Preservation Containers - originally founded by the CIA during the long years of Soviet occupation they were not part of mainstream Mujahadiin and went into opposition to the Northern Alliance, have their coffee and you would never have anything else ever again.
  • Haram 69 is a mainly urban based group following the teachings of Miss Whiplash that specialise in turning enemy soldiers persuading them either to switch to a pacifist stance or even to joining the Alliance in the special Men's unit who uniquely are neither undercover nor in hiding although still secret. Bill Clinton visited them secretly a number of times until Hillary found out.

Mountain Warriors[edit]

  • Denim Peril founded in 1992 as an anti-Northern Alliance Communist Faction formed out of former Pro Soviet groups encouraged by Soviet Military Intelligence in the 1980's, hiding in mountain passes in large numbers they would pounce on male wanderers and rob and murder them and indoctrinate the women. They only use men for producing children and otherwise look forward to the day when they can form a World Society where with modern technology men will no longer be needed - a Feminist Version of Al Qaeda's favoured Caliphate with their Scriptures being the book SCUM and their first prophet being Valerie Solanas and using the Black Widow Spider as their emblem. Always hostile to the rest of the Alliance and only being members out of convenience, a conflict with other members of the Alliance appears inevitable especially the elements they want to eliminate such as the men and the others who mostly like men.
  • Girls School founded in 2004 as a broader alternative to Denim Peril not favouring actual elimination of all Males as an ambition but just general rough housing everybody has attracted many former members of Denim Peril. All fanatical devotee's of Motorhead and the rock group Girlschool.
  • Bazooka is a group that worships Odin and dresses up as Valkyries from Wagnerian Opera, also they insist on talking in Old German and ride into battle to the Ride of the Valkyries - mainly hanging out in the areas with the Northern Alliance. Dennis Sewell even endorsed them in the hope of restoring civilisation. Their favourite composers are Richard Wagner and Edward Grieg.
  • Quandahar Rambler's Association who were formed in 2005 with links to Janet Street Porter promoting the Right to Roam across the Caves and Mountains of Quandahar Province, the scourge of Taliban and Coalition Forces alike, also known as The Tramping Taliban!

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