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Old Boys of the Naval Academy return each year to educate young cadets on the joys of living on a ship with 50 other men for 10 months at a time. Pictured is "Salty" McFly who attended the Academy during the 1940s.

The Naval Academy is an academy where people who's birthdays are between February 31 and March -6.


The Naval Academy is an academy operated by robots. Thousands of years ago, there lived a caveman named Grug. Grug was one of the most important cavemen of all time. He invented the word Spuck. He also started the Naval Academy. One day, Grug was bored so he decided that before he meets his death at the hands of a rolling dinosaur and spontaneous combustion, he should teach his children all that he knew, which took about 7 seconds. It may have only taken 7 seconds to teach his children everything he knew, but he then got an idea. He would make an academy to teach everyone his vast knowledge. The academy was hard to build since Grug lived in a primitive time, but it was worth the entire 10 seconds that it took him to find a cave and call it his academy. Once the academy was finished being built, cave people began to travel far and wide (2 steps outside their cave) to learn all the knowledge that Grug had to offer. Unfortunately, Grug was run over by a dinosaur and then he spontaneously combusted (he went BOOM.) At first nobody knew what to do, what with them living in a primitive time, but then some of the people that Grug already taught thought of an idea... to just use the toilet-cleaning robots to teach them.

The Modern Academy[edit]

The modern Naval Academy is located in some place. The academy has a teleporter that can teleport the whole academy to an entire different place. It has been said that the Naval Academy was in Canada for quite some time. Why you ask? Because Canada is loaded with soda drinking hats of course! After Canada it is said to have moved to Austarilia to see the Dingo.

How To Attend[edit]

Only people who have a birthday between February 31 and March -6 can attend the academy. The only other way to attend the academy is to pass the Trials of Grug. The Trials of Grug include:

1. Being able to swallow a watermelon.

2. Throw a boulder exactly 450 ft.

3. Defeat a ninja army in less than 20 seconds.

4. Having the ablility to bake pies.

If one can pass all four of these challenges, then they can attend the Naval Academy.

The only other way to attend the academy is by paying $1,000,000,000,000 a year in caveman currency (which does not exist anymore)