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The NaziPod is a portable audio player produced by the nazi-german company Birne (Pear in English), located in Auschwitz, Germany. It matches the highest nazi-german quality standards, since all parts are assembled only by the best of jewish craftsmen of all eastern Europe. They are constantly very high motivated and after some time in the magnificent Germany-typical education programs, also equipped with very skilled small and thin hands, able to get to corners inside the NaziPod even the most modern japanese machines could not reach. Also the workers are evaluated daily by the black uniformed german engineers of the quality control, the skull on their black caps symbolizing the zero-tolerance-politics towards bad products, which makes both, craftsmanship and products better. Sometimes the fluctuancy amongst workers can, which is unusual for highest standard products, be regarded as rather high, but this has no proven effect whatsoever.

Technique And Environment Protection[edit]

The new Nazi way of life (NaWOL) is supported by a new and superiour german engineered battery and the available new superiour german engineered battery charging system, both of highest german quality. The battery charging unit is a newly developed micro power plant, functioning, roughly said, more or less the same way as a typical oven (or rather blast furnance) driving a turbine which generates a strong current, but not burning inefficient and environment-polluting gas or coal. In awareness of environment the new NaziPod battery charger burns the natural renewable resource juice. Best results with up to 12 hours of playing time were achieved with polish orange juice. It not only is more efficient than charging the NaziPod over the usual socket, but also less environment endangering because you are fully self-sufficent in all of your NaziPod energy needs and do not need to support those god damn french frog-nuclear power plants which pollute the earth any more.