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Necco wafers were Baby Jesus' favorite candy. If he was a good boy and finished all his milk, Mary would use her Magical Goddess Powers to make a Necco Wafer appear, floating above his empty milk goblet.
Necco Wafers are available at your local McJesus restaurant
Jesus own brand.jpg
"That's not a necco wafer. THIS is a necco wafer!"

A round, flat confection made from the body of Christ. Once an extremely popular children's treat during religious holidays, it has fallen in popularity as more secular traditions intrude into religious practices. This is particularly true at Easter, when sales of chocolate bunnies and jelly eggs have far surpassed the Necco wafer since 1987.

Before becoming popular in Easter Island, Necco, the patron saint of fwuffity goodness, blessed the Mother Wafer, thus leading to the creation of infinite wafers for the rest of the world to eat for eternity.

They are currently categorized as their own food group on the Food Pyramid, but may possibly be merged with Taters in the future.