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Necropolis is the capital city of Pennsylvania, and has been ever since 1922 when Harrisburg seceded from the United States and built a huge wall to prevent East Americans from entering.


Necropolis is noted for its population of over 280 billion, almost all of which is comprised of dead Necco Wafers. Many people have wondered why the city of Necropolis has a much higher ratio of Necco Wafers to humans than all the other cities. Of course, these people are the same morons who don't know why black people tend to live in black parts of town.


Necropolis was almost the location of the first test of the atomic bomb in 1945. It narrowly averted this minor threat when a team of helicopters uprooted the city from its former location in central Japan and moved it into the United States.

In an ironic twist of fate, Necropolis was almost a target of the terrorist attacks on 9/11, when a team of helicopters uprooted a hijacked plane travelling towards Neccopolis. They then moved the plane into the World Trade Center.

Necropolis culture[edit]

Necropolis is well known for its graveyards. Death is so important to the citizens of Necropolis that they build graveyards that try to attract attention much like casinos in Las Vegas. This is a notable difference from other cities in the United States, where nobody gives a fuck if you die.

Necropolis is also a city that doesn't know the word danger. While logicians often wonder how the hell an entire city's population can be unaware of such a commonplace word, they don't doubt that it's true. This is most evident on "National Try To Assassinate The President Day", on which more Neccopolisians participate than everyone else put together. Jesus Christ, it's like America isn't even trying anymore. Your forefathers are rolling in their graves, you lazy assholes.