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Necrophiliacs In Modern Sport.

Necrophiliac is derived from the Eygptian words Necro meaning dead, and philiac which means someone who touchs of"Feels" someone else. Now Necrophialiacs are weird people who are usually too cheap to ethier buy their girlfriend dinner or buy a hooker. Their cheapness results from their love of having sexual intercourse with the deceased.

History of Necrophiliacs[edit]

Now then to the history of Necrophiliacs, Necrophiliacs have been around as long as dead people have been. They just wait for some dead monkeys to get burried, then dig them up. Human-Monkey sex is a very odd way of reproduction, as the Hunkey (Human with DNA from a monkey) is made only via Necrosex. Necrosex is when a Necrophiliac has sex with dead monkeys(of ether male or female orgin). Necrosex is only banned in Washington D.C. because of the George W Bush - Monkey Necrohpiliacitanocrosexian plot.(Necrohpiliacitanocrosexian is a Necrophiliac having Necrosex with a monkey of Male origin while the Necrophiliac is a male itself) After the Necrohpiliacitanocrosexian plot was settled in court they outlawed Necrosex in Washington D.C. Necrosex is often on TV a lot, first shown on the hit TV show 'The Gay Team'. In the episode named "I pity da fool who does Necrohpiliacitanocrosexian" Mr.T after having made some tea for the Team found a coffin 'Oddly' laying on the floor, Mr.T Puzzled opened up the coffin to see a dead male monkey. Mr.T and the rest of the Gay Team started to have Necrohpiliacitanocrosexian sex with the monkey. it lasted 44 minutes.


Male and Female, Necrophilly (Necrophilly is a Female Necrophiliac) Use the dead monkeys Testicales as sperm dispencer into her mouth, After that the sperm lands into the Lungs and into the Vaginal Area of the Necrophilly. The males just suck it hard.

Why there are Necrophiliacs[edit]

So the Hunkey can reproduce, if the hunkey cannot reproduce all is lost. the time will no longer be Hammer or Peanut butter jelly time, but instead The End of Time. And also the give the Monkey a purpose in life.

Consiquences of Necrophiliaiasium[edit]

There are various desieases caused by Necrophiliasium includeding mites, AIDS, gondarera, and E.D. Also the following will occur. Teeth turning black, Hands turning red, Mouth Numbness, Anal Numbness, FUCK (Fingernails Uloite Cancering Kidney), Numbness of the Fetish area, Intensive anal bleeding, Obessession with the color 'Purple', Spontanious Combustion of the Testicles, The Color 'Blue' trying to kill you, Intel making a good graphics card, Peter Griffin making 'Slin', Canada Declaring war, Hands falling off, feet falling off, Nose falling off, iBall disappearing, Heart exploding, and death.

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