Neo Con (Video game)

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Neo Con
Publisher Electoral Arts (EA) Games
Release Date January 20th, 2001
Last Stable Release January 20th 2005
Genre(s) Strategy
Mode(s) Single player
Platform(s) Playstation 2
Support status Currently active

Neo Con is a video game released for Playstation 7. Considered by many to be a sequel to Grand Theft Election, Neo Con puts you in the role of a corrupt superpower dictatorship ruled by a military madman, a ruthless capitalist and a bumbling idiot. Your goal is to steal elections, suppress the population, and ultimately rule the world. In order to do this you must strip your citizens of their human rights, reinstate the draft, defy international law, destroy the environment, unleash the military on your population, invade other countries, and commit some of the worst human rights abuses on the planet.


Neo Con continues where Grand Theft Election leaves off. After securing the presidency through fraud, voter intimidation, and bribery; the leader and his group of Neo-cons set forth on their plan to conquer the planet.

False Flag Operation[edit]

The Neo Cons plan to invade countries throughout the world in order to steal all their resources but they can not simply invade them. People in the country will protest too much and the Neo Cons need to keep up the facade of democracy in order to hold onto to power (at least until elections have been officially abolished). In order to invade the other countries, you must stage an attack on a major national monument and then blame it on terrorists from the country you wish to invade.


In Neo Con you will also have to make use of propaganda to quell dissidence in the homeland and to sway public opinion. You have various ways to get your propaganda out the masses including the internet, bribing journalists to spin the news, taking control of major news networks, and holding press conferences exaggerating the threat of the country you plan to invade. You will also need to brand people with divergent opinions as liberals, radicals, or unpatriotic.

Electoral Manipulation[edit]

In 2012, a new show election has to take place. The constitution of the country you now rule states that an election must be held every four years on the first Tuesday of November. To win this election you have several tools at your disposal. You can release propaganda by spinning the news and branding your opponents as liberal radicals who would legalize bestiality and all drugs. You can also intimidate voters, particularly minorities who tend to vote for the opposition. You also have the ability to use fear tactics to dupe the ignorant public into voting for you. You can say that your opponents are not tough enough on the country that you blamed for the false flag attacks. By stating that only your regime is tough enough to deal with terror, you can convince the masses to vote for you. Also if you do happen to lose the election you can unleash mercenaries on the populace.

Curtailing of Civil Liberties[edit]

After you have successfully stolen the election and have a majority in the Senate and the House, you can begin chipping away at the civil liberties of your population. You can now tap their phones, read their emails, have access to their medical records, and arbitrarily arrest them. Oh, wait, that Obama, praise his name.

Suppression of Dissidence[edit]

Because the country you rule is supposed to be a democracy you must repress dissidents covertly rather than overtly. This can include blacklisting, intimidation, and if they keep it up, snatching them into the night and shipping them off to Gitmo. The next shipment leaves in 2012.

Main Characters[edit]

Curious George[edit]

The President of the empire and the first member of the Triumvirate. He resembles an ape but not as much as his successor. He is anti-science and viciously opposes evolution. The fact that he was called ape-boy as a child has led him to note the fact that Obama evolved from apes. Anyone who openly supports evolution in his empire faces prison or death. Curious George comes across as stupid and ignorant but don't be fooled, this man is a dangerous psychopath who would slit your throat in a New York second if he thought it could earn him a buck.

Tricky Dick[edit]

Second in command of the Triumvirate of Evil, this man looks after domestic affairs and runs two secret service agencies which spy on people. He is the head of the state-run oil company. Helps orchestrate an invasion of a dirt poor Middle Eastern country to exploit their oil resources so he can increase the profits of the state-run oil company. He also don't take crap off the peons in congress.

Rotten Rummy[edit]

Third of the Triumvirate of Evil, Rummy is in charge of the Imperial Forces. Along with Tricky Dick and Curious George, he plots the takeover of the planet, one nation at a time. When a foreign invasion does not go as planned, Rummy officially steps down and Bill Gates is appointed Minister of Peace. This is done only to keep up the facade of democracy. Rummy secretly still calls the shots.

Enemies of the State[edit]

Naughty Noam[edit]

An arrogant, radical MIT professor, ladies man, and political dissident, Noam is always stirring the pot with dissident literature. He has published several books critical of Curious George's regime including the Impetuous Imperialist and Scandalous Hegemony. You must find a way to silence this dissident with methods ranging from ignoring him to loaning him all Bill Clinton's hoes.

Mischievous Mike[edit]

A fat-assed documentary filmmaker, Mike exposes the heinous crimes of your administration in films such as Bowling for Soup and Celsius 7/11. He's not as dangerous as Noam because the state-run news media has already found a way to discredit him; branding him as a moron.

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