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Channel Ten is Australia's network for bogans and teenagers, since nobody watches it except for them. It's bitches are Nine Network, Channel 7 and Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Anyone who watches Channel Ten is going for some serious shit. Seriously, as their slogan is seriously, "Seriously Ten".

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Network Ten was before known as Channel 0 when it started in 1964 (in Melbourne, OK?). Weird, is it? A network that has a channel zero. The reason why it's called Channel 0 is because there is absolutely nothing on this channel except Big Brother and there is nothing else on this channel. Seriously. Then some idiot from Sydney put "Channel 10", hence the modern channel today, Channel 10. It had been third (and is still is) in ratings because of the popularity of this channel among teens. Ten shows crappy shit. Seriously. but its still better then the retarded boring crap that Channels 7 and 9 put out, for the old people. If you are a cultured intelligent literate ABC fan forget about it because you as an inteligent person need to watch big brother and big brother that would surely boost your IQ.

Your average news channel on Channel Ten. Seriously.


Network Ten shows only shit that nobody cares about, like Big Brother, which had been recently been screwed up because many people hated him.

Composition of Network Ten[edit]

  • 50% American shows (15% FOX, 15% NBC, 20% CBS)
  • 12.5% Unfunny Australian "comedy"
  • 37.5% Filler (mostly bullshit shows that people don't care or don't like.

Current shows on Ten[edit]

The unperson Big Brother never existed and was a fabrication perpetrated by Emmanuel Goldstein.
Memories of Big Brother shall be corrected doubleplusgoodwise by Miniluv.

Their stars[edit]

Their stars are mainly the funniest of its kind, but they are all bogans. Seriously.

Rove McPenis[edit]

Main article: Rove McManus

Rove McManus is deemed to be one of the funniest crackpot arseholes of all time. His first wife's death is funnier than his comedy show Rove Live, to be exact. Just because he won three gold Logies doesn't mean- hell yeah, he rules.

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