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For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the "questionable parody" of this website called Wikipedia have an article about Neuron.

A neuron is a key structure of the brain, and the basic unit of intelligence. It's counterpart is the moron, which is more familiar to most. The neuron can be described as a complex and important structure, but being so small they can't be that complex, and how important can any one of them be? There's gazillions of them for fuck's sake.


A neuron looks like a deformed jellyfish, or perhaps a fried egg, if a fried egg looked more like a neuron. In the centre is the neuron's nucleus, similar to that of Uranium, hence this is unstable (this explains nervous breakdowns, caused by beta decay). Dendrites are analogous to dreadlocks, and are the ears of the neuron (not literally of course, that would be stupid). The last major component of the neuron is the axon, a large, thin, appendage, and possibly a penis substitute.


Synapses are links between neurons, morons, or between neurons and morons. There are many synapses, some unique to the individual. Some commonly studied synapses include:

  • The synapse between the peanut butter neuron and the jam/jelly neuron.
  • The synapse between the John Lennon neuron and the Yoko Ono moron.
  • The synapse between the Redneck moron and his attractive cousin.

Examples of Neuron and Moron Interactivity[edit]

Neuron: I need to retrieve that memory of where the master left his car keys. Moron: Fuck off.

Neuron: Whats 25 times 6? Moron: Fuck off.

Neuron: I need to forward this message to the frontal lobe. Moron: Fuck off, you gay.