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“My advice to all the youngsters out there is to simply grow a beard”

~ Scott Spillane on Fool's

Neutral Milk Hotel is a famous band comprised primarily of superheroes. They fight fires by day and play Pac-man by night. Jeff Mangum P.I., the band's headman, first assembled Neutral Milk Hotel in Holland, 1945, with just his sister at his side and only weeks before the guns came in and rained on everyone. As a side note, Magnum is now a little boy in Spain. He is widely thought to play pianos filled with flames. The bandmembers' superpowers are as follows:

Jeff Magnum P.I. - Super Goiter
Scotty Spleen - X-Ray Beard
Jeremy Barnacle - Jazz-Listenin'
Jello Costermonger - Muppet Banjo

Neutral Milk Hotel is mostly known for its gone off milk. Jeff Magnum P.I., a native of Holland, only spoke fluent Hollandaise while writing this strange, delicate noise music. Neutral Hilk Motel broke up in 1949 after many long years of weight lifting. The band's members are now known to inhabit the planet Athens, Georgia. Several of the members can be found controlling synthetic flying machines for Olivia Tremor Ground Control Airlines Anonymous, Ltd. Some people are dinosaurs. They are cheeseburgers.

In 2012, Jeff Mangum P.I. and Jello Costermonger will release an album of children's music entitled and under the guise of Captain Crunch and the Meth Avengers! Its songs will deal largely with the adventures of Captain Crunch as he faces off with the villanous Swedish Chef, who often attacks the populous with his sinister adding machine. However, the album will be banned in Sweden, the only remaining superpower, and will be reported to give infants chronic schizophrenia and autism.