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Part I box art

The New Zork (a.k.a. UnZeta Zork, Gertings Mann Zork, G5ZORK) is a new-generation text adventure game including adventureous graphics and hard difficulties.


New Zork I[edit]

You wake up in some type of weird puzzled maze room with 4 doors. You have 4 choices, unlike the original Zork, you can go left, right, back and forward, instead of north, south, east and Dennis. After finding the correct path which you must use, you end up in a room with the attic having the word **** written all over it (copyrighting laws - we must not say the word stub). After moving on forward, you find a remote, in the wall, and you take it, and you fall, hey, that rhymes!

After moving forward,

you find a remote in the wall,

and you take it,

and you fall.

New Zork II:The remote[edit]


The story continues where it last left, you find yourself boxed in a box. You seem to still have the remote. Some of the buttons on the remote start flashing and highlighting. If you press the right correct button, you can carry on later finding the grue running into the sea... what a sad day.

New Zork III:A long day[edit]

Much different from the previous cover arts, which this one has a lot longer caption

The currently longest of the series containing Homestar and 300 kilometers of jell-o. Play it, see it, get it, live it. We continue underwater with the grue. You have over 10 (11) options what to do, for the grue gives you time to think about it. After choosing the right one and one only, the grue runs away and 300 kilometers of jell-o will attack you by eating you. Soviet Russia? Homestar can come and sing so badly, that the jell-o will die or something like death or that. After calling Homestar, you can talk to him and choose the right sentence otherwise the hardest diff will come and you can't get out of it!

New Zork IV:The evil initial of the Evil kittens[edit]

Part IV box art. Not so different from the others, huh?

Part IV is the sequel of New Zork III from it's size. If you take a look at the category, you can see that Part III and IV are almost equal partners. This is proven, which the sizes make part IV have no connection to part I and part II, even though part I has many non-game links. In part IV, you must FRIGGIN' GET THOSE KITTENS at the right time and that is hard. Mostly it's about signs and stuff and parody.

New Zork V:The first totem[edit]

Part VCopyrighted from various sorcores

Part V is the second sequel of New Zork III with its bigger page amount. It has 35 pages, which New Zork IV only has 34 pages. Only with one page, this has overscored New Zork V. In New Zork V, nothing big has come that parodies, but it does parody Turok 2:Seeds-ayo-evil. According to the Gert5 Zork category, it does conclude that IV is bigger than III and that V is bigger than IV in both ways

New Zork VI:The second totem[edit]

In this episode, you can fight an evil kitten. You can select various fighting methods to defeat him.

News Sources[edit]


The All-purpose Cover

In 2006 December 31st, UnZeta's New Zork was released in an 18-part collection, 6 games for DVD, 6 computer games and 6 tapes. The release gained 6.50 yens as it was sold in Japan and had nothing to do with Japanese Language. Apparently, FedEx only sold in Japan for 1 January through 6th January.

Other Stuff[edit]

Recycling pages[edit]

Some pages are recycled, for example, various Help pages have been changed into the New Zork Manual with a few added. The TechS or Tech Support page has changed into the official library and the old InvisiClues pages have been changed to the Gruictionary.


The New Zork Library is one of the largest libraries of information about Grues and Men. This incredible landmark is set up on the previous TechSupport page.

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