Newbie Friendly Uncyclopedia Almanack 2006

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In all good book shops now.

Hey, n00bs! Haven't the foggiest about Kitten Huffing? Confused by AAAAAAAAA? Don't know the first thing about iHumor? Well, we here at Uncyclopedia share your pain. After all, every established bureaucratic sysop was a n00b too at one point (although they may find it hard to admit).

Chronicling every edit from every date between 20 April 2005 and 20 April 2006, the Newbie Friendly Uncyclopedia Almanack is the Uncyclopedia Noob's ultimate sourcepoint, written in such simple language that even the n00best of n00bs can comprehend such subjects as The Bermuda Triangle with ease. Plus! Now includes full laws to the sports of Bloodbath, as well as tips on avoiding Burnination.

Containing guest columns from such literary figures as, erm, Guest and Poo Lit Surprise winning Iritscen, writer of the esteemed The Enigmatic Mr. Grumpikins, the almanack is also your Bible for highly crafted literary gems.

Now also editable! the Newbie Friendly Uncyclopedia Almanack is the content free source that anyone can edit in hardback. Feel free to modify content* to contain as much Oscar Wilde quotes and Chuck Norris references as you see fit using your trusty Biro without the fear of being banned by a grizzly admin.

New for 2006[edit]

The newest, most up to date version of the Almanack not only offers all the usual goodies such as Featured Articles, Images and all the crap from the Village Dump, but all new elements such as:

  • Admin bios: with accompanying photographs to be mustachioed at your own leisure;
  • Expanded How tos section, including create your own Sockpuppets: hours of fun pissing off admins**;
  • Top 10 articles of 2005: 'Official' and 'unofficial' versions, as voted for by Uncyclopedia users anonymous IPs!

Plus much, much more!

So what are you waiting for, n00b? The 2006 version of the Newbie Friendly Uncyclopedia Almanack is in all good book shops now, at the bargain price of $25 (UK £50, AUS $65)! ***

*Uncyclomedia Foundation is, in no cases held responsible for the vandalising or otherwise damaging of the product after purchase, rendering the 3-hour guarantee void.

**Uncyclomedia Foundation is also in no cases held responsible for angry admin who take offense to being 'pissed off.'


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