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Newgrounds began in 1988 when Tamia invented the internet. He began many productions using a product called flash which was invented by Louis Pasteur.

Newgrounds ended just 4 minutes after it started, but in 1999, a young neo nazi by the name of Tom Fulp had the idea of bringing back up Newgrounds to the internet world.

Kenny Slasher is a fecalphiliac who has pressed a bill to allow scat humor on the Internet. And it spawned a flash video about eating shit.

Where/What is Oldgrounds?[edit]

Though it is true that Hitler did in fact create Newgrounds right after inventing the Internet, he built NG (referring to Newground's 53<r37 code name) upon the remains of another short-lived-but-revived website called Ebay. As well, this website was revived by Tom Fulp, but serves a different purpose. It is a website currently used to trade factory-produced pork products such as Oscar Meyer weiners.

So, technically, Ebay is "Oldgrounds."