Ni Hao, Kai-Lan

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Ni Hao, Kai-lan (你好, 凯兰) (Hello, Kai-lan) is a children propaganda show distributed by the all powerful government of the Peoples Republic of China. The Americans later edited the show into a language teaching device for the fat American Children. A intolerable act by the Mighty Peoples Republic standards. North Korea is due to adopt this brainwash device for the better of its glorious Communist nation.

This show was once just a theory by our great leader,god,and glorious prophet of China, Mao Zedong. And was promoted by Kim Jong Il.


The plot of the show is about the the little girl Kai Lan, glorious daughter of our glorious premier. She goes on adventures with her attack animals and floating rhino to break filthy Capitalism. Only to encounter problems and must solve them by thinking. She is usually assisted by her grandfather YeYe. Whom will be talked about later.


Kai Lan[edit]

The main character of the show who actually cries, unlike Dora who is probably a robot. Her best friend is a rhino who flies with the help of a balloon and the rhino, unlike everyone in the show, except Kai Lan's pedophile of a grandpa, actually has a Chinese accent. Kai Lan may or may not comment bestiality with her animal friends. Kai Lan is the leader of the group and the problem solver meaning she is the Fred Jones of the group.


Yeye is a a retired Communist red army glorious soldier. He has cold past of killing filthy monarchs of Japan, and American dogs in Korea and Vietnam.


A little tiger later hunted and sold in fur trade for glorious Chinese economy. Has a crush on Kai Lan, but is afraid she will give him a titty twister.


A koala bear from Capitalist tea drinkers of filthy nation of Australia!! He later betrays his nation to fight with glorious reds.


just a monkey.


A floating pink rhino from the Glorious Socialist nation of Somalia.

Editings by evil Americans[edit]

The show was later introduced to Americans, and then proceeded to edit our glorious show. A violation of Article 1622 of Brainwash resolution of 1965. Premier plot for Americans demise by holy invasion of their state of glorious Angelina Palin. We will then go to Canada and make glorious burning of Noggin whom also host evil Americanized Show!

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