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An example of a nice old lady.

Overly nice is a term usually used when a guy like you is bullshitting the absolute crap out of a female. You'd be telling her things like how nice she is, how kind-hearted she is, how smart she is (see illusion), how lovely her hair is, how her teeth have that ever-so-white glisten, how her face is the most beautiful thing you've ever seen, how her boobs are really big, how she has the lung capacity of Monica Lewinsky, and others. This all works towards becoming overly nice, except you would still need to (soon after) stop paying any attention or saying anything to her, or become a genuine pussy and watch her from your freshmen classroom door as she walks around with some jock (see jerk.) You'll always want to be the one at the front of the lunch-line, but you'll never obtain this title because of your own ruthful, or gay actions. I am saying that being overly nice is typically the worst thing you could ever do in order to get a girlfriend. You are pitied, and definitely not seen as manly, like Maddox. It's actually the first step towards becoming an idiot.

So basically, to be overly nice, you should do the following (while pursuing female prey, of course):

  1. Smile and wave at females all the time, but avoid talking to them.
  2. At an awkward time, and wherever you might be, compliment females about anything. Especially, try to compliment them about something dumb or untruthful, like how smart they are.
  3. Never engage into any real conversation. That is strictly forbidden here.
  4. Whenever someone compliments you, always act embarrassed and say something along the lines of, "I'm too humble to even accept that as a compliment."
  5. Always commit to saying whomever your prey might be is just your friend, but always talk about how great they are and how they look so cute in their ugly ass crocs.
  6. Talk about your prey to every one of your friends, and if she finds out that you talk about her and confronts you about it (especially in front of your friends), act disgusted and then remind her that she is only your friend and never will be anything more because of how overly nice you are to her.
  7. Show whatever strength you can salvage from your shit body to brag, but whenever a female takes notice, pretend like you are weak, and talk about how hard it is to lift your Tampax sticks up.
  8. Act like you're gay and give a lot of gifts to the females, but then refuse to interact with them for any other purpose.

These are the most well known ways to become an overly nice person. More will be added to the list as other overly nice people will elaborate (especially about their own experiences of being just too nice.) Losers and gamers can easily become overly nice with some practice.