Nickel-cadmium battery

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Nickel-cadmium battery is a form of assault that involves nicking somebody with a cadmium-coated nail. It has been believed that leaving a cad-plated nail on the road can be a hazard for the environment since people might use it to chop up food and inadverantly ingest cadmium into their stomach. Such a mistake may prove fatal.

The only effective purpose with nickel-cadmium battery is that it is a type of death penalty used for purely insane criminals living in Detroit. It has been believed that the world suffers from memory effect when charging criminals without discharging them anytime them turn out to be innocent.

The nails used for Nickel-cadmium battery also help to electricute somebody in the electric chair. The jelly roll is a dish of jelly with bits of cadmium from nails; and it is also a method of committing nickel-cadmium battery. The easiest way to do a lethal injection through nickel-cadmium battery is to use it with a power tool. It has been believed that nickel-cadmium battery was the most common way to huff kittens (by 99%).

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