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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Niggerlodeon?
Doug Doughring was the first Nicktoon to be shown on Sickelodeon.His most famous quote ever, was: "Fart Your Personal Entertainer.

Nicktoons is an bunch of animated porno shown on an children's channel along with its many mistakes.

Over the years,less Nicktoons were created and canceled. Some were aired and shown for 2 seconds and then canceled because most that were shown were not suitable to children who had the attention span of a gerbil. Other shows were shown on another porno channel called Prick Jr. for stupid little brats.

Less of the older Nicktoons along with Nicktoons from Sickelodeon's international networks,can be seen on Pricktoons Network, a 1 minute digital cable/ satellite network.

On Sunday, August 11, 1991 at 10:00 am EST, the last Nicktoon was aired called Doug Doughring. They showed some more shows called: Carpet Munchers and The Sin & Wimpy Show.

Sickelodeon's Teen Prick[edit]

This is a advertisement for Prick Jr featuring Dork The New Internet Explorer.In this episode Dork wants to join the goth crowd and goes overboard doing it.

Teen Prick cameout back in Columbus's time. Teen Prick was made by The Legendary Two Corys:Cory Haime and Cory Feldman.And it was funded by the maker of the song Thriller,Micheal Jackson.The two Corys were pitched in about this idea by Barney and Micheal Jackson after Viacon was pulled off the air. Teen Prick is for cannibals and everyone that wants to be an stupid prick.Josh and Prank was the first Teen Prick show ever to be shown.Teen Prick had zero views back in July 1st because of the people complaining about the knock-off shows and marathons made by Viacon.This caused the viewers major IQ loss and maybe turned them into media zombies.Teen Prick soon became dead zone when Viacon showed countless marathons of Empty House,Stale Prince of Belair, Reel World, Road Drools and some cheesy sitcom about some fat, loud mouthed lardass.

Sickelodeon's Prick Jr.[edit]

Nicktoons Logo.jpg

Prick Jr was aimed at older people in retirement homes,after a long night of bingo and knitting.The idea for Prick Jr was made by Professor Farnsworth after he got bored with himself.Prick Jr got pulled off the air because too many internet geeks cried when they saw Dork The New Internet Explorer.Prick Jr was replaced by Teen Prick later over the years.They had Viacon come over at the studios to file an lawsuit for making The Naked Brothers Band an complete success which turned out the lawsuit was just another Ed,Edd,And Eddy scam by Ed himself.Ed eventually made antother lawsuit to sue himself for being an horse's ass because he was drunk at the time he made another lawsuit.He later got to be an hobo for suing Teen Prick, on an Nicktoons porno called Doug Doughring.When his final days came for him as an scammer,he died of absolute boredom from watching Atomic Boredom. He is now an prick in another dimension where boredom rules.Viacon's now trying to bring back Teen Prick to bring back Ed from the dead as a zombie.They were never successful in bringing Ed from the dead ,but they brung Teen Prick back with an new name called Sick At Nite.

Nicktoons:The Hitler and Viacom days.[edit]

Here is Hitler saluting his company Viacom: The Nazi Group. He made this salute look really stupid when he pointed the middle finger at Viacom.

Many years later, after Prick Jr. was replaced by Viacom, Hitler formed an huge alliance and nazi group with Viacom, called Viacom:The Nazi Group.His company was the original creators of the Sicktoons Network,and Sickelodeon.They wanted Micheal Jackson to make an new porno called The X's and O's.The porno was about two mutant squirrels having an affair with each other and doing sexual harassment to George W. Bush.This show ended when MTV had friday night keg parties with Adolph Hitler, and people distracting Micheal Jackson with little kids in their underwear,thus preventing Hitler and Micheal Jackson from completing the porno.During the show's cancellation, everyone that worked for Hitler,thought MTV was a TV with an M on it standing for Monster.

A couple of years later, Hitler went to Asoma Binladden and formed an new company called Sickelodeon.Sickelodeon had an war with MTV because of the cancellation of The X's and O's. They used weapons such as their middle fingers because it was fun to flip off MTV and poke their eyes out. Sickelodeon won the war against MTV,by making fart jokes sounding like: Pfffffffftttt, and sounding like an idiot. Hitler later died of boredom from watching 4Shame making pokemon. His last saying was "Give me your balls, Hail Viacom the creators of Nicktoons".

Famous quotes from shows by the Sicktoons Networks.[edit]

True words have never been said.
  • “There's no place like my crib. There's no place like my crib.”

    ~ Bill Cosby on FatherInDaHood
  • “That tutu is dudu.So is your mom.”

    ~ Francis on Unfairly Strict Parents
  • “Ahhhhhhh, behold the true power of internet facism.”

    ~ Swiper on Dork:The New Internet Explorer
  • “I i$h dea n00b. 1 pwn j00 like dea Haxx0r$. L0llllllll0llllollll$ 1111.”

    ~ Spongen00b on Spongen00b Triangleshorts
  • “Ahhhhhh, I'm being pixelized into an real avatar!!! * pffffffffttttt*”

    ~ Aang the Avatar on Avatar:The First Fartbender.

A list of shows on Nicktoons (Not Playing!)[edit]

A list of shows on Teen Prick[edit]

  • Sabrina: The Elderly Bitch
  • Josh and Prank.
  • Just Jerk
  • Mr. Wheaty
  • Chromedomio
  • A crappy Teen Prick show about an porno and some stupid boys that are naked.
  • Not All That
  • Another crappy Teen Prick show about an wannabe goth named Amanda.

Nicktoons Coming Soon, Or Later, Or Maybe Never (we don't really know and don't give a damn)[edit]

  • Awayside
  • Random Crap
  • Jack And The Power Of DuDu
  • Barfyard
  • Mighty Hepatitus C
  • Diggs TailCutter

Prick Jr Toons[edit]

  • The Frontyardigians
  • Dork The New Internet Explorer
  • No Diego, No!
  • Midget Bill
  • Blue's Clueless Years
  • Ow! Ow! Bubbzy!
  • Blunder Pets
  • Stubbadubbers
  • Bob The Blunder
  • Franklin: That Wannabe President on an dollar bill.
  • Saggie and The Ferocious Beach
  • Puppet Babies
  • Rudirt
  • Jews Clues
  • No Kai-Lan!
  • Ya Gubba Gubba!
  • The Puppet Show
  • The Niggers
  • Mr. Men and Little Miss: The Uncut

Sick At Nite Nicktoons[edit]

  • FatherInDaHood

Sicktoons Network[edit]

  • The Unsecret Show
  • A crappy network show about an polluted sky and land.
  • Kapupu and Dorky
  • Cornmeal and Burlap.

Sicktoons Network Sicktoons[edit]

  • Thugapoo
  • Sicktoons Porno Festival
  • Kableh Mickey.

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