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“It's a hell of a lot better than that fucking BET!Black Entertainment Telvision shit”

~ Bill Cosby on Niggerlodeon
The Niggerlodeon logo
The new logo, which debuted in September 2009. Sorry to disappointed those fucked up niggers with sentiment toward the original bloodsplatter logo!

Template:Nowikipedia Niggerlodeon or Niggalodeon is TimeWarner, Viacom, Disney, 20th Century Fox, and Michael Richards Enterprises' highly controversial spinoff of the once popular kids network Nickelodeon. This network is designated for black people, since Nick was losing its black audience because all of their shows were just too white for them. Its white founders included the word "nigger" in its name, not knowing what the name meant, only that it was a hip term used by many rap artists. Jesse Jackson, while doing research for his book on the history of mustaches, came across evidence that "nigger" had once been a slur used by whites against African Americans. After several angry protests and incessant rhymes by Jackson and his followers the network was renamed to BET* (Black Entertainment Television); Jackson was also given 90% of the profits in perpetuity and all openings for key positions were to be given to Jesse's friends and family, since it is generally agreed that the best way to help poor disenfranchised blacks is to make Jesse Jackson rich. This spinoff first aired in 1990.

The channel ceased broadcasting in 2077 and was replaced by a pro-black channel under the same name.

Typical game show on Niggerlodeon

List of shows Niggerlodeon showed before its demise[edit]

Otherwise mediocre shows such as 'Cousin Skeeter' relied on tailored product placement to draw attention from the black community.

Niggerlodeon, or Niggalodeon, was created becuase black people didn't want to watch white peoples tv. they were like "YO I AINT WATCHIN NO WHITE BOY TV" so niggerlodeon was invented. However, the network was renamed in turn due to the offense of the word "nigger-lode".

  • AAAH! Real Homeboys - Beneath the "Real" World of Detroit live some freakish creatures.
  • Are You Afraid of White People? - a show about people at a campfire telling gruesome stories about racism.
  • The Adventures of Skeet and Skeet - About 2 brothas both named Skeet who live in the city of Coonsville and get into all kinds of messed up shit, yo.
  • As Told By Ginjah - A series that tells the story of a stripper named Ginjah (it's an anagram!) and her two lesbian biatches.
  • The Ayana Show- A show about some bent nigga toothpick lookin bitch runnin around with dese giant lobstahs aktin a foo."Nigga, Please!"
  • Doug - A nigga in the hood who likes to eat tofu goods from his favorite restaurant, Honkie Burger.
  • Kenan and Kel - A fat nigga and a skinny nigga get chased around by mummies and vampires. The fat nigga's the funny one.
  • Kenan and Kel and Koon (a.k.a. K&K&K) - A spinoff with a white guy.
  • Catdawg! - He's half cat, half dog, and one mean Mutha.
  • Fairly BlackParents - Half-Caste Hi-Jinx.
  • Uncle Ben & Pimpy - An old black nigga & a fat ol' dog solve mysteries about shit goin' down in the projects. (Not to be confused with The PJ's or Family Ties.)
  • Nig-Ger-Oh- A Show about hood niggas fightin whites with dey cards
  • Wayne of the Not-So Shizzle - 2 black timahz and pimpz from dah hood.
  • Drake and Jamal - Interracial fun with two hilarious "brothers"
  • Yo Nigga! - Cartoon about a young black boy growing up in Compton.
  • Niggers next door- some brothers from da hood hook up in da crack house in da tree smoking weed and fucking some chinese hoes.
  • pokenigger- some little crazy ass mother fucker sniffs some glue and and hallucinates about fucking up little creatures and putting dem in balls in da hood, naaaa mean!!
  • Tha Wild Blackberries - Young Latisha and her family go on the lam around the world.
  • Hoodrats - Tommy and his crew take on the 'hood.
  • Rapsy - One day in Eastern Africa, an African food raps about shiz and piss off shit. FOO!
  • Jamal Niggertron This genius is often mistaken as dark chocolate.
  • NiggaBob BlackPants - Niggabob and his homeboys get into some gangsta shit...underwater.
  • Hoe, Hoe & Hoe - Three black sistas go out and get money, fo it'z the shiznite, until their bro, played by Billy Dee Williams steal da sho, y'all.
  • Romeo - Songs that teach children that beating a dead hooker with a stick is no way to go. Use your pimp hand instead.
  • Tha Angry Biatches - A show where people from the hood are angry about the failure of the local hydroelectric dam. With the voice of Eddie Murphy.
  • My Life as a Teenage Ho Bot - A robot goes slowly insane to the point of becoming a psychopath due to confusion caused by Cree Summer's voice coming out of a white girl with a black side.
  • All Dat - It's like In Living Color, but less funny.
  • Welcome to Pimpland - Da KKK ain't shiz, so Zeek iz da homeboy fo Pimpland, yo!
  • All Pimped Up - A Grown up version of the Hoodrats, but more sex, drugs and guns.
  • Lazytown - A reality show about the day-to-day lives of black people living in projects. Soon to be canceled due to lack of interest.
  • Legeindz of da Hiddin Watamelun - dez blak dudz gotz 2 b movin al round da tempul and shiz avoid'd da kkk dat b popin up hrd?.
  • Colored 'Rissa 'splains Some Shit - A show about 'Rissa and her complaints about how discriminated people in her race are.
  • The Tomorrow Gangstas - People develop a time machine to try and go back in time to ensure that a home is not being entered before they rob it. The people in the show make lots of money leeching off the past.
  • Lil' Daryl - A hilarious children's show featuring the voice of Daryl Strawberry as a 5 year old Pimp in search of his parents... and bitches.
  • Jackie Chan Adventures - Catering to other races at early morning hours. Somewhat more interesting than paid programming.
  • Entitlements and Shit - a critically-acclaimed educational children's show to instruct niglets in all the methods of mooching off the Government. Won the 2006 Niggy Awards in the "Best Series to Exploit Victimhood" category.
  • Bob the Drug Lord - a show where a gangsta sells crack on the corner, gets high, and starts talkin to cars and trucks and scarecrows.
  • Dave the Beeyoch! - A nigger barbarian. Nothing more, nothing less. I'm not a honky, by the way!
  • Brandy & Mr. Nigger - A black teen dog from the hood searching for beeyoches. Mr. Nigger searches for bitches rather than beeyoches and they became brothas from da hood. They meet coon friends and Michael Richards.
  • Nigga and Ferb - 2 niggers who are the freaks in the woods, who likes to be pimps during the summer, with a teenage KKK bitch named... well... whatever.
  • The Adventures of Honky the Blackhog - A black hedgehog who eats chilidogs and KFC with his sidekicks, Tails and Michael Richards. They were from da hood to stop Dr. Robotnig from humping their cocks.
  • The Boondocks - You should know.
  • Kappa Niggey - In this show, y'all, a nigger named Top-Shit (voiced by rap artist Eddie Murphy) in the auditions for the pimp show, "Fo Sho, No Ho!" in Africa, yo.
  • Tiny Nigga Adventures - Steven Blackberg the Africa-American film director, Screenwriter and Black Producer made these tiny little cartoons animals that go around having black Adventures, like living in your home, using drugs, and having sexs. (Not with Ho. Steven Blackberg Don't like Ho's because one screwed him over and took all of his money. But one die) This cartoon is still on the air today.
  • Powerpuff Bitches - Fightin crime by bitchin at their foes, which is pretty much everyone alive.
  • Courage the Cowardly Nigger - Scardey cat nig saves his homeboys from emo kids.
  • The Black Adventures of Dante and Shanika - Two little negro kids have fun with the grim nigga in da hood.
  • Nig, Nigg n Nigger- A show about three black kids who try to scam people out of money in order to buy crack filled jawbreakers
  • The Nig Cannon Show. A show about a rocket scientist in Detroit who tries to rig a cannon full of scrap metal found from garbage he collected, the project has been codenamed the "nig rig" as the nigga is a cannon rigga. This nig is trying to both prevent garbage from going into the landfill, and trying to fend off this enemies. Its just such a coincidence that people who throw their useful shit away are killed by this cannon weapon. This scientist often says "a nigger behind the trigger"; alongside, he has also tried to launch milk at Mariah Carey as a modern cowmilk fetish.
  • The Blackhoodniggans. A show where groups of gangstas get high and have hallucinations (they claim they use their imagination and they don't have hallucinations; this excuse is made to escape controversy).
  • The Fairly White Racists. A future rapper and gangsta kid has a miserable life; his parents are always gone getting high, and they leave him with a white-supremacist babysitter/Klan member. He find two fairy god parents one day; the only problem is they're white and are in the KKK.
  • Wiggatar: The Last White Boy. Long ago, the four nations used to live together in harmony, but then, everything changed when the Racist Nation attacked. Only the Wiggatar, master of all four of the pimpin' ways could own them. But suddenly, he vanished. 100 years have passed and My brother and I discovered the new Wiggatar. A Airwangster named Aang. but he has a lot to learn before he's ready to make anyone his bitch. But I believe, Aang can make the world a more pimpin' place.
  • I'm in the Klan. A black kid sees a KKK lynch mob, and decides to join the Klan. However, he meets an odd assortment of stoner Klansmen, who lead him on hilarious adventures, including going to a BPL (Black Power Klan) lynching, where, in turn, the black Klansmen lynch KKK members! Can the black boy keep his heritage, or will he be like Michael Jackson and turn white?

Niggerlodeon movies[edit]

The show staff of Negro Libre

Movies that were released under the Niggerlodeon label by Niggamount Pictures and later used as a ride attraction on Niggerwood for Niggerversal Studios Niggerwood.

  • Harriet Tha Nig - a show about a spy who investigates attempts for rivals to start gang wars
  • Good Burger - a movie about Kenan and Kel where they start a burger restaurant for their nigs to eat at.
  • Hoodrats: The Movie - a movie about rats in the hood, fo sho.
  • Hoodrats in Niggerworld: The Movie - the sequel, y'all.
  • Negro Libre - a nigga growin' up in Mexico learns how to wrestle...and pimp.
  • Nigpoleon DYNOMITE! - the charming documentary of a corny nigga growin' up in Harlem, with the help of his crackhead best friend Juicy J. Starring Nick Cannon and J.J. Walker.
  • The NiggaBob BlackPants Movie - fo sho, NiggaBob stars in a movie, as a pimp, G!
  • Niggaz of the Caribbean - No comment, except for the piratez from da hood, G!
  • Charolette's Biatch - Based on a book by tha nigga, E.B. Black, it comes to life, y'all!
  • Finding Negro - The KKK search for an underwater nigger, underwater, but fail.
  • Nigger Cars - Talkin Cadilacs and BMW's. Note: All cars in movie have hydraulics and fuzzy dice. Dats pimpin ya'll!
  • The Incredible Niggers - superpower nigs. Honkies beware.
  • Nigger Little - a midget nigga? I'll be damned!
  • Nig Princess - A black sista not doin' ice skating, but becomes a rappa and a homie as well, fo sho.
  • The Brave Nigger Warriors - the pimps go back to the middle ages to be a gangsta. And then, attack the cities.
  • The Nigga King - a lion from Niggerland born by the nigga parents and his name is Simba. He becomes the king and the pimp at the same time.
  • Bible Black(English) - Yes, this is now broadcasting on Niggerlodeon,but this great Hentai has replaced the voice actors with black gangstas as this suited the name of the Hentai and the children, as proved by science, like this version much more than the ordinary English dub.
  • The Niggerwick Chronicles - a chronicle to be on a lookout for blacks and more african homies, and Rick James, bitch.
  • Teenage Mutant Nigger Turtles - 4 ninja nigger turtles? They're not only ninjas, but they are pimps.
  • Meet the Niggersons - a 10-year-old nigger goes to Tommorowcoon to see niggaz from the future and how to be a scientist. And how to be a pimp.
  • Bolt Da Nigga - a pimp gangsta dog starring in a TV show for BET.
  • Horton Hears a Pimp - a pimp foo'd out Horton for sho! Based on de book Horton Hires a Ho.
  • The Princess and The Frog - a film about a black stripteased princess and a pimp frog.
  • Cannibal Holocaust - Traditional remake of Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?, filmed in West Africa.
  • Nobody Cares for Whites - A look in 2020 at Whites in South Africa witch are often discriminated. You can watch the movie here.

Sista channels[edit]

  • Nig Jr. - aimed at the youth in the hood.
  • Nigz at Night - aimed at adolescent niggaz who have already popped their first Whitey.
  • Sniggers - on saturday night, niggaz from the hood party and watch this program.
  • Blacktoon Network - a network for the niggers' favorite classics.
  • TEENiggaz - aimed for all black teenz or should I say, biatches!
  • Adult Nigz - you should know.

Parental Input[edit]

Yellow parents[edit]

(YeRRow peopRe/AzN Laces)


When parents over in Asia saw the racist and religious impacts Bush was causing, the Asians resorted to cultural influence in helping bring back Niggerlodeon. The Japanese sent subliminal messaging in anime such as Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh. The Chinese looked to Chairman Mao, who requested Joseph Stalin and his Red Army to help in the war. Asian parents also increased the birth rate exponentially to send new soldiers to fight in America.

Brown parents (Los Padres Morenos)[edit]

Niggerlodeon is the inspiration for Latinos to make their own TV networks, all of it in Spanish and features Latino people on their own TV shows. Their "Mas Grande 3" networks are Univision, Telemundo and Azteca America. One problem is unlike Niggerlodeon, the Latinos are WHITE with dyed blonde hair, contact lens to make their eyes blue and no "one drop" of Negro blood, but Latinos are brown people, not (but close to being) Niggers.

Red parents (Injun parents)[edit]

Niggerlodeon is more popular with the red men, who are still around in the Rez. in South Dakota, Arizona or Oklahoma. Their kids talk like, act like, dress like or live people anyway, pale-face pigskin whitey put them down too.

Blue parents[edit]

Blue people are far less common than all the other races; ironically, prejudice against them is very low.


Let's get rid of all the Jewish black people on this network!

White Malay[edit]


See Also[edit]

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  • Yahkelodeon - Nickelodeon targeted to a Chinese audience and a Hong Kong audience, but not a Taiwanese audience.. 1.5 billion are served.
  • Nikorodeon - Nickelodeon targeted to a Japanese audience.
  • Latinolodeon - Nickelodeon targeted to a Hispanic audience.
  • Spickelodeon - Nickelodeon targeted to a Puerto Rican audience.
  • Afrolodeon - Niggerlodeon feed to Africa, more popular than Oprah when she came to build a "free" girls school in South Africa.
  • Arabilodeon - Nickelodeon targeted to a Middle Eastern audience.
  • Chakkelodeon - Nickelodeon targeted to a Jewish audience.
  • Blondelodeon - Nickelodeon targeted to a Blonde girl audience.
  • Bitchelodeon - Nickelodeon purchased the Lifetime Network.
  • Mercilodeon - Nickelodeon targeted to a French audience.
  • Britalodeon - Nick's British "feed", but 8 hours behind and airs when the kids are in bed.
  • Hindelodeon - Nickelodeon targeted to a Hindi audience (including other Indian audience that works at 7-Eleven).
  • Canadelodeon - Nickelodeon targeted to a Canadian audience, eh? It's aboot the audience!
  • Nick-at-Nite - Nick for grown-ups. RATINGS FAIL.

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