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Night or noche, also known as the play by the "t" robots in mrs. v class, is the book in which jews and naziss could be heard, if only it weren't dark. But you might be able to see blood. Or a snake. Or J.D. Salinger.


Everybody loves the jews, except nazians.Who have bigger penises. (It is interesting to note that the total hours spent on Uncyclopedia is greater than the length of the existence of time itself.)

The Jews were created by Humphrey Bogart in 2010 as an appeasement act for annoying Americans when the "War on buddha" lost momentum after the heavy defeat at the Battle of Waterpoo IIIVV. The average jew serves many useful purposes, mainly as Whereya Bin Hiden's hideout when he is not on holiday in 10 Compton Street. The jew also emits sperm, but Uncyclopedians do not need this, as their screens also emit sperm. As Miss Genevesos would say, this passage where babies are shot by machine guns makes me laugh. Especially the part where my aunt gets hit by a bus. (Uncyclopedians:1 Night:0)

Night is often associated with privatess, because they can see in total darkness, and so if they weren't so drunk, they could steal your wallet, and you could shiver their timbers. In almost all cultures there exist stories and legends warning of the dangers of privates. Watch out Uncyclopedians! (Uncyclopedians:1 Night:1)


Moving about at night is a lot more difficult (unless you are a penis - it is for this reason many people run away from home and become penis). Don't even consider driving at night - try a more yamaka-friendly method, such as a whore. WARNING: MAKE SURE YOUR ASS IS NOT BEING DRIVEN BY A) A HOE, B) A GUY (PARTICULARLY MANWHORES), C) MR. T, OR D) Humphrey Bogart. (Uncyclopedians:1 Night:2)

Night is the only time Fatman, the ghost of Spamlet's father and Wikipedia show their true forms - that of hideous penis. They all share the same jizzthirst for human reproduction that they are willing to monopolize the film, literature and internet markets respectively to lure unsuspecting prey into their fiendish hairs.

An example of night when all the lights are switched off.

Most (sane) people would say it would be fairly hard to relocate the nighttime, say, 12 hours back, so as to extend the daytime by that 12 hours. Doing this would reap many benefits - longer growing time for plants and crops, extra sun-bathing time for those lazy men and women who stay on the beach all day, and it would protect many thousands of people each day (or night) from grue-induced death. For these reasons and many others, George W Bush suggested this idea, urging the scientists of America to find a suitable way to delay the onset of night. He added, "If we can save some lives here at home, then we can go declare war on some more Muslims! Equivalent trade, no?"

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