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The Nike Revolution of 2021 began on May 18, 2021 and ended on October 4, 2046 in the Jedi States. 15 years after the Nike Revolution of 2006, many states were blown up, conquered, or vandalized, resulting in the drop from the 43 states to 14, and the adoption of many other states from many lands.


Pre-war in the revolution

On May 18, 2021, President Jedi Master Stimpy declared war on the United States, after being screwed for importing Captain Taylor's Spiced Brew Sake. Governor Paiway Underberg approved on it five days later and the U.S. lost the war. Many Jedi citizens were victorious that they won the war, so on May 21, over 3 millon U.S. citizens were deported to Antartica as penal colony. The Jedi Citizens decided that having their own country was excellent. The Jedi States still is a country to this day and has banned Christianity.

While President Jedi Master Stimpy started to pass away, Paiway Underberg became president ordered Japan to become New Japan as a state. President Paiway Underberg turned the Kenalagiaippi Disputed Nuclear Zone into Jediland, the jedi kingdom state.

The revolution starts[edit]

President Paiway Underberg spoke at a school conference about the war. She stated that any state that wants a name or border change could not get one due to political issues.

Guam was the first to propose a name change. At FedEx Field in Paiwayton (Formally Washington), the citizens finally agreed on Kawaii. The proposal was brought to Paiway, and she agreed, saying: "I've been calling that state Kawaii for weeks." She also changed Puerto Rico into New Florida. The citizens of New Florida were satisfied anyway, because she was sick of the Hispanic issues loving spree, decided to marry Josh Taylor Stingray as well, due to the fact that they were completely bonded to the Mountain of Love.

Old Alaska remained intact. This was due to the J-pop music group Kawaii 5-0 state anthem entitled "It's Kawaii after all." Pikachusetts, horrified by the fact that New Japan had beaten them for "shortest state name", changed its name to New China, the Great Wall State.

On June 15, New Michigan was blown up, due to abolishment of dictatorship.

Ten days later, on June 25, Jedi researchers found that Jediland was vandalized from Antartica.

Five days later, on June 30, Kawaii declared Martian Law.

The revolution goes into plan

On July 1, President Paiway Underberg changed East Virginia into Peninsicola.

On July 2, Paiway annexed Dakota with Jediland.

Two days later, Calorington protested what they said about Paiway's "Pai Check Act." This resulted in The San Seattle War on July 6 which killed 65 million Caloringtonians.

On September 3, Paiway followed Martian Law and changed Mayne to Mayonnaisia.

The revolution ends

The last event that happened was on October 4, 2046 when President Paiway Underberg changed their border crossings to avoid terrorism.

On that same day, Colin Mochrie took part in the revolution by sinking all of Canada,except for Toronto which was already part of New Japan and most of Wikiland was flooded by Hurricane Imakuni.

In a last-ditch effort to make it into the news, Dubyaland was changed to Black Heaven. New Louisiana, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia still remain.


The following are the states and nations that were present immediately after the Nike Revolution of 2021.

The 14 States

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