Ninja Gaiden 2

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Ninja Gaiden 2[edit]

Ninja Gaiden 2 is an extremely hard fucking game created by Team ninja.

Team Ninja[edit]

Team Ninja are just that, a team of fucking ninjas. One day they became disillusioned with running around and killing all that they pleased and decided to cram their adventures onto a disc for all to enjoy.

The game itself[edit]

The game was test played by 74.5 japanese people. Upon entering the first level they promptly exploded. Team Ninja discovered that what they had made was too amazing for us ordinary folk. They scaled the game down from "In-fucking-sane" difficulty to "Needlessly hard". This meant having 70 less enemies per encounter, having more weapons than just your toenails and only being able to dismember a select few parts of your enemies. Despite these adjustments, the game has yet to be completed by anyone. Not even Jesus Christ himself has seen level 8, and GOD himself still can't get passed the toturial.

Sales and releases[edit]

To buy the game one had to prove themselves worthy. Potential buyers were summoned to a secret mountain top in Coruscant by way of a kunai with a note attached. After they battled Scorpion Pirates to reach the mountain top they were informed they would have to fight each other. Only half would walk away alive and with a copy of the game. However, one of the contestants was some sort of God Nerd and built a robot for the event. The robot narrowly defeated it's opponents and once the nerd had snagged his trophy he made many copies which the gaming public now play.