Ninth Circuit Court of D&D Appeals

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Federal appeals court whose jurisdiction is all RPGs, including all MMORPGs.

When a player in and RPG or MMORPG disagrees with the decisions of a DM or GM, they may appeal the decision, but almost always only over matters of law, not over disagreements of fact, and only if the court agrees to hear the case.

  • Example: You would be permitted to bring a case that involved a dispute over whether a character with 18 Dex and 18/00 Str wearing Full Plate could indeed jump five feet straight up to avoid the bite attack of a Raving Goat Sucker (interpretation of the rules), but you wouldn't be able to argue that the very same Raving Goat Sucker was not really able to recover and reposition its maw so that you fell in it directly (finding of fact).

As with all government offices, the Ninth Circuit Court of D&D Appeals is responsible for a particular conspiracy. In this case, the court is hiding D&D 4th edition from the public.

Famous Decisions[edit]

"Jedi Master" Jakas Hulul v. Sony Online Entertainment[edit]

Donner Party v. Stanley Abromowitz (GM)[edit]

Andy v. Cooper (GM)[edit]

Cheetos v. Funyons[edit]