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The non-existent country of No America, also called No More U.S. of A., What Bush Did to his Country, or What Will Happen Once America Pays Off It's National Debt, does not exist. It never will and it never shall. Its current leader is George Nobody Bush, and nobody voted for him. The people of No America are apathic, Dead, never living, and Dont give a shit about anything.

The country first gained its indepenence from nobody, in the year 0 when people could not be more happy and active. In their bill of rights and lefts, their active power in the world would be just to sit around and do nothing. The lack of caring for it own people gaves it the highest suicide, homicide, sexicide, grandmothercide, femincide, Achoolcide, Stuffiedtoycide country in the world. Some people and philosophers cannot see a difference between the No America and the United states of america.





The reply from the leader of the Nobodys. Nothing important.

The citizen of early No America wants their freedom taken away, their votes, the right to bear arms, their cats, and their wifes(who wheren't at all bitchy). The reason behind this was never fully given, even though it obvious. The rest of the fuckers that were left behind decided to follow Micheal moore when he said God had come to him and instructed to build an Ark, for the people of Yes America where pissing him off. Moore built the ark and nobody cared, approximently 250,000,000 nobodys. In all, over 0 people where saved and everybody was no more in the land of the unfree, the unbrave, and the undangerous to other third world countries.


Flag of No America

The offical language of No America is No. The origin of the word and whole language came from your mom, when she invented a new word so that she wouldn't stand the fact that she gave birth to such an annoying little shit. The word evoled into complex meanings, including for marrage and sex. The tourist favour this desination due to it's policy about 'no' clothes, however most are disappointed when there is no tickets.

Things to do[edit]

Absolutely nothing!

Their is not a single thing you can do over there. It does not exist in the first place, you may think it's in your dreams, but it is not. And bo... this cannot be found in the book the NeverEnding Story. If your life's are currently like the state of No America's finanical economy, then you are probably in the country right now without noticing it. Yeah, you're there...Sweet, Huh!

List of notable citizens of No America[edit]

Does anyone give a shit about this arctile