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No Name is a Montenegrin garage rock band, formed by the ex-members of "Little Tweety Bird's Napalm Death" band, known as the pioneer of Che-Guevarra-Rebel-RATM-oid rock in whole Balkan Peninsula. This band is consisted of four angry young men, which have to live and act illegal, because their families are in grave danger of revenge and vendetta, both from the Government and the Sicilian Mafia... Sicilia was a part of Montenegro, until the Berlin Congress in 1878, when it was taken from it and given to Italy. This fact has been carefully deleted from history books by the Italian Ministry of Truth. Now, let's go back to No Name. This band, actually, has the name, but it's kept secret, because of the possible vendetta, as we mentioned before. There has been a lot of speculations on Podgorica's asphalt about what is the real name of the band, but one of the band members said in an interview to Montenegrin television station "MonteNitro" that the name is "Raging Pipuns"... That's all we now...