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He's off his trolley. sorry about that...

No Fixed Address is a bad place. A bad place in a bad neighbourhood. A bad neighbourhood on the wrong side of town.

If someone claims to live at No Fixed Address, don't go there. Don't go anywhere near No Fixed Address, or the next block over from No Fixed Address, or the sleazy pool hall across the street from No Fixed Address. Stay away!


Just look at any newspaper; every edition chock-full of reports like:

"Jean Untel of No Fixed Address was arrested yesterday for illegal kitten huffing and for robbing a petrol station in violation of the terms of his parole and the In Soviet Russia, the Oil Company Robs You Act. Apprehended on the Road to Ruin, somewhere between Now At Large and The Wrong Side Of The Tracks , he is currently being held in George W. Bush's secret torture chamber for questioning by the Department of Homeland Security..."

Yes, all the super villains live there![edit]

And no, it's not just one or two villains who live at No Fixed Address; a quick glance at the paper will reveal that more bad guys live at No Fixed Address than on any other street in the city. This place is bad news... stay away!

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