Nobel Prize for Rape and Pillage

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The Nobel Prize for Rape and Pillage was first given in 1836 to Arthur Miller. Since then it has been given to Jeff Daniels, MC Hammer, Bill Cosby, Q-day and Leonard Nimoy. It was created by the Beastie Boys, a group of famous astronauts who also invented baseball. Upon receiving the Nobel Prize for Rape and Pillage one also receives 14 cucumbers, a ball of rolled up socks and an appearance on Happy Days. Nominations included David Bowie for his stealing of Queen Elizabeth's Yacht, the Vikings, and Satan.

Famous runners-up for the prize include the Republican party, Bill Gates, and the Republican party. Linus Torvalds would have won it, but was disqualified, because he raped your dog, not a person.

The Prize has been awarded to severl pirates since it's creation. This is because Rape and Pillage are two of the Five pillars of pirating.