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NOFX, at their most attractive, positively stunning. Try to keep your hands on the keyboard...if you can ;)

NOFX (pronounced "ŋðɛəfffəxxx") is a Christian punk band from Bakersfield, California. The members include bassist, Anorexic Mike, drummer, Erik Drinksalot, guitarist/trumpetier/rapper, El Heffer, and guitarist numero deux, Eric Dreadlocks. The band formed in 1983 and has been lighting up the Christian rock world since. The band is often criticized for not being political enough, favoring songs about Jesus and his disciples, instead of social and polital commentary, like many of their punk rock peer bands, such as Bad Religion, Rancid, and The Anarcheese Cult of Ralph Vader. The group has released 175 EP's, and 189,283 full length albums since formation. They have sold about 562 and a half million albums, probably due to their extreme exposure on MTV, and their tremendous amount of radio play.


NOFX love Jesus more than a fat kid hates dieting

NOFX formed in 1983, when Anorexic Mike met Erik Drinksalot at prep school, Argyleoukenshire High. Mike said "Hi I'm Anorexic Mike" and Eric said "Hi, do you want to share this beercake?" and Mike said "Yes!" So they shared the beercake together, and started talking about how much they loved Jesus. The next day they shared a pile of fried chicken skin shaped like the Bible, and then El Heffer the Mexican jumped over a fence, and said "¡Hola! Me be el guitarista in el bando?" and they said "Yes, if you take a shower" and he did, so all they needed was another guitar, even though they always play the same thing anyway. So Eric Dreadlocks flew in through the window, proclaimed "I am the tooth fairy!" and he was inducted immediately.

Controversy of 2003[edit]

NOFX released their 45th album, The War on Judaism on May 20th, 2003. The album was about how Christianity is the only true religion, and all the others are full of shit, especially Judaism. Anti-Anti-Semitism activist, Adolf Hitler criticized the album publicly, on very very truthful and not-at-all-biased news station, Fox. NOFX responded by whining and crying, and making a song entitled "Hitler Loves the Jews and That's Why I Play Videogames" It was a magnificent hit, with a popular music video that was in regular rotation on MTV and Fuse and the Discovery Channel, and was used as the theme music to Fox's Are You Smarter Than a Fruit Roll-Up?.


  • Anorexic Mike is a vegetarian, and thus rumoured to be a closeted heterosexual.
  • The band is obsessed with lesbians and aspire to be lesbiatronic when they grow up.
  • Erik Drinksalot is straightedge, and also enjoys irresponsible drug abuse, and one night stands.
  • El Heffer speaks Spanish, French, Iraqi, and Moonish.