Non-God-Fearing Democrats

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The Non-God-Fearing Democrats were formed to fight the God-Fearing Republicans. This is because the Democrats do not fear God because they do not believe in him. While they pretend to be Christians they are really Atheists, they pretend to be Christian to summon Jesus to devour their enemies. They often are inspired by the Holy Bible: Revised Liberal Edition. Non-God-Fearing Democrats are mostly liberals, and are often found to be hobos or robots, and after a while of bashing God-Fearing Republicans and Emperor Bush, they are promoted to becoming Liberal Terrorists or Liberal Pirates. They fully support Dictatorships and Poverty programs, and have founded Youth socialism, Anarchy, and New science.

Nope this Non-God-Fearing Democrat clearly does not believe in God but Adolf Hitler instead.

Non-God-Fearing Democrats are known for Ultra-Patriotism, claiming that they love their country so much, that they hate it, and are prone to fits of violence to show just how patroitic they are. Trying to argue with a Non-God-Fearing Democrat, is like trying to argue with a three year-old child. They tend to think with their hearts and livers rather than their brains or appendixes when forming their political views. Anyone who disagrees with them, are called names, such as idiot, moran, or a George W. Bush clone trooper.

Non-God-Fearing Democrats like to listen to NPR and watch PBS and use New Math to prove how right they are. Many are often members of the Evil Atheist Conspiracy, and try to destroy all things.

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