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The Death of Toronto

Nontoronto is a beautiful and radioactive land filled with stunning terrain, picturesque ruins, and some natural resources under the twisted, fused wreckage (dungeon porn is very common in this place so please come and check it out).

Nontoronto was originally known as Toronto, until the alien invasion of 1948. On the night of July 4th, 1948 a fleet of UFOs and supporting human forces bombed Toronto with incindiary and nuclear weapons. In addition to massive civilian casualties and the inauguration of the War of Martian Occupation, the 6th Annual Worldcon was massacred, killing prominent author Robert Bloch and other promising authors of the new "Science Fiction" genre.

After the Megatexan redistribution of 1950, the new (and 85% smaller) city of Nontoronto was organized just on the edge of Megatexan borders.

Nontoronto has become a derelict city, trenched with radioactive canals and circled by fallen buildings. The only structures that remain from before 1948 are the smokestacks, and they have become the centers of society. The tin shacks and dirt holes have spread until they have become a vast, fetid, teeming city.

The Niagra Falls Power Project is an exception to the general lawlessness, standing inside the Riverwalk Zone, a walled portion of town patrolled by heavily armed Megatexan soldiers. Since Nontoronto has been in a state of martial law for nearly sixty years, they are not shy to exercise their power.

The Free Quebecoise, or propellerheads (as they are commonly known) have violently resisted both the Megatexans and the influence of the Inuit Territories. This has led to increasingly harsh reprisals (as well as the testing of new and incredibly destructive weapons), and life expectancy is believed to be less than forty years in Nontoronto. Realistic censuses are, of course, impossible, but a formal count of casualties during the so-called "Propellerhead Revolution" of 1988 indicates a population of 300,000 at the time (assuming 50% of residents survived the chemical bombardment and invasion).

Since then, Megatexan intervention has been limited. City life has returned to a stable state of anarchy. Criminal and revolutionary syndicates preserve a semblance of order, many adhering to the "Propellerhead Code," but life can still be harsh and primitive, especially near the Riverwalk Zone.