Norbit 2

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Norbit 2 is a comedy film and the sequel to Norbit, released by Toilet Seat Productions and directed by Eddie Murphy.


The film revolves around Norbit mouth-banging Kate so hard that his dick breaks through the back of her throat. Norbit must then find Fat Bernardo so he can show the now-dead-Kate how a bitch sucks a dick. As Fat bernardo makes kate suck his dick real hard.Fat bernado shoves Kate's head straight down his cock with no condom before he finally cumming in Kate's face. Now Fat Bernado own Kate's pussy and now Kate is fat bernado bitch. As norbit approaches fat bernado. Fat bernado took a hair dryer and smacks norbit in the face with his hairdryer before beating the shit out of him. Then fat bernado took off his belt and beat the shit out of norbit with it. Next Fat bernado henchman come in and tie norbit up into a metal chair and then his henchman took a bat and beat the shit out of norbit with it still alive but tied up. As fat bernado calls rasputia up on his android telling rasputia he got a special gift for rasputia and to put a g string on and be naked. And fat bernado put rasputia on the bed and tore the g string off with his mouth unaware of this by kate because kate is being gang bang by fat bernado's henchman fat bernado tore off rasputia g string with his teeth and bend rasputia over and anal the fuck out of rasputia with no condom and then took his dick out of rasputia anal hole and stuck it in her vagina as fat bernado bang rasputia's ass hard that the sheets pillows and comforters was falling off the bed and then tells rasputia as fat bernado bangs her on the bed who the piggie and rasputia says im the piggie and fuck her real hard that the bed falls on the ground and then one of rasputia henchman comes in and randomly sticks his cock in rasputia mouth and fat bernado butts fuck her and fat bernado grabs a gun from the table behind him and shoot rasputia in the head killing her instantly. As fat bernado henchman #1 and fat bernado zip up his pants fat bernado henchman #1 put rasputia dead body in the trash bag and 3 of fat bernado henchman drives out to a lake and dump rasputia body in the lake as her body been vandished off the face of this earth and fat bernado henchman drives back to fat bernado's place to kill norbit and kate. When they finally arrive to fat bernado place fat bernado henchmans and fat bernado enters the room where norbit is at fat bernado approaches norbit and then shoots norbit in the head as kate tries to run out the room and fat bernado and his henchmans catches and stares at her fat bernado shots kate in the side of her head at a good aim as her brain and blood all over the wall killing her instantly. Fat bernado and his henchman got away with 3 murders the cops never found rasputia dead body. Everybody lives happily ever after the end