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The North Sea is located in the far southern hemisphere. It is noted for its putrid brown water, which experts say was obtained through a curse, after a fisherman was caught rowing out to sea without the correct colour socks. Contrary to popular myth, the North Sea is not good.

The North Sea, or "The Sludge" as it is affectionatly known by southerners, is of great importance to the local community. The wildlife attributed with the Sea is found no where else in the world, a side effect of the many gene-editing chemicals that are pumped out of the country every second.


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Atlantis is not in the North Sea.

The Bermuda Triangle[edit]

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The Bermuda Triangle is not in the North Sea, or is it?

The Scarborough Rectangle[edit]

The Scarborough Rectangle has baffled locals for centuries, even to this day locals have not grasp the theory of shapes, and the meaning of the. Many tragic events have taken place within the "Rectangle O' Losin' Things" as the locals call it. December 1442 was the first recorded incident when farmer Edward Man'oor was taking his cows for a swim. He was concerned and spooked to notice that one by one, as the cattle wandered farther and farther out to sea they began to vanish beneath the waves, and were "ne'er seen 'gain".

Oil Rigs[edit]

Popular oil companies, such as Shell, BP and Horse, have oil rigs located in the North Sea, using over 1,294 straws folded into each other to suck scum from the seabed. There is a big demand for North Sea Sea floor Scum, 74% ends up in McDonalds Hamburgers.