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A phrase often uttered by n00bs before the die an utter death, this death is usually caused by a experienced player such as Rick James or Mike Jones. these players have a special eye that can tell if they are really a n00b, so saying "im not a n00b" is pointless because the experienced players already can tell that your lying so that's why your being killed n00b!! If you really are n0t a n00b then don't say it. Unless of course you are pretending.

Learning n00b[edit]

the = teh

oh man! = OmG!!!11

(your age here) + 10 years

SPAM = bad habit

! = !!!11

wtf that is so gay!!!11 = I died

WTF!!!1 1 |)0N't |_31k U!!1 UR /\/\3a/\/!1!11 = Let's talk this disagreement out.

1 |-|AT3 Y0U!!!11!1 = I wish to kill your babies and eat your intestines.

pwn = pure ownage

What? = wtf

!!!! = 110ne11222!!111ONE

LOL = omfg lolzorz lmao111!!one!!

help please = hAEL M3 PLZ!!1111!!

0MGz xY(+|Ub3r|Pwnz0r817_}xX Sukz my Wang = i got knifed


NOTE: Noobish is a very hard language to learn, and it is even harder to type, and it is not recomended that you try to comprehend it unless an expert is at hand (so he can kill the n00b if it gets out of hand) However, an easier way to type noobish is to slam your face into the keyborad repeatedly or have your dog type.

n00bs and 1337[edit]

Many times a n00b will join a forum and try to use 1337. the only reason for this is because they are extremely desperate for friends and they think that if they pretend to know the secrets to 1337 that everyone will theink that they look cool. this is an example:

Omg Ey3 liek 4m teh Coolest EYM Cool tan u!!!111!!!!!!%@%@%!~!!!!11111111one!!!!!11!

This is often preceeded by many members speaking in actual english, which n00bs cannot understand.