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"Not safe for work" is a warning in modern times that, if people view something at office when their boss or co-worker sees it, they will get fired. Currently, 382 people in the world have been fired from their job for viewing things marked as "Not Safe For Work" at their office.


Originally, when a man was reading his office e-mail, he found a spam e-mail from a random e-mail address in his Inbox with almost ∞ pictures of nude people. He replied to the e-mail saying "Spammer, this is NOT SAFE FOR WORK and you sent it to my office e-mail address." and deleted the spam, although his boss saw him looking at it and responding to it. His boss then posted this term publicly meaning "If you view this at office when someone else sees it, you will get fired.", and this term became famous. Ever since then, people were getting fired from their work when viewing content marked as "Not safe for work" and their boss or co-worker saw them.

What Is Marked As "Not Safe For Work"[edit]